Dear Diary

What is your Star style?

 While researching for this months article, I stumbled upon a very strange website which actually finds you clothing and accessories based on items worn in TV shows and movies.

 Well this does look like fun. Thinking, thinking aha – Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, the stand out is obviously the iconic brown and white Polka dot dress worn to the polo and of course the stunning Red Evening Gown worn to the opera– the really big question, are they available? No not really, there is a vintage polka dot dress available for US$25 however, there is a lovely long red number available for just £149. The real winner here however, is the unforgettable blue and white Vivian hooker dress available for the bargain price of only US$39.95 just in case your interested.

Now, I was also a huge fan of Mad Men and I’m not disappointed, pick your poison: Betty Draper, Peggy Olsen, Megan Draper or ultra curvy, gorgeous red head Joan Harris. This show is set in the 1960’s and the fashion is sensational, but, is it still current. Absolbloodylutely, yes it is – and we have loads of styles right here at Princess Bazaar, who would have thought!  If you are a huge fan of 1960’s fashion then this is a fantastic place to look for inspiration.

To my delight I find a rather obscure little style icon in Myrtle Snow from  American Horror Story coven – red crimped hair at least 65 but she rocks.  Ive never actually seen this show (please God I hope it’s not totally inappropriate or perverted) but I like the look of Myrtle apparently she is the head of the “witches coven and is the fashionable witch with numerous couture outfits. Her love of fashion is even more defined when she walks to the stake in chic apparel and screams out "Balenciaga!."  Personally I think that she is an esoteric Grace Coddington (Creative director of American Vogue).

 Now I would hate for you to think of me as predictable but… as a huge fan of Game of Thrones – OF COURSE WE HAVE TO GO THERE.   There is a long list of characters to choose from, the obvious as in Cersei, Sansa and Daenerys  but the one that really tweaks my interest is Hodor, just joking, but Petyr Baelish “Little Finger” does have a very stylish wardrobe, perfect for every man about town and there is something strangely sexy about the clothing attributed to Bronn The scariest wardrobe award however actually belongs to Jon Snow – seriously, do you really want your man dressing like that and anyway they’ve killed him off so I imagine these items will be available on ebay any day soon. Style tip - Cersei’s wardrobe is definitely worth a look.

The website is and it’s loads of fun.  We all have mental images of style icons whether its Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Marilyn Monroe’s character in The Seven Year Itch – who could forget that white halter neck dress blowing in that wind, Cate Blanchetts absolutely wicked wardrobe as the wicked stepmother in this years Cinderella, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City, or my personal favourite Helena Bonham Carter wearing absolutely anything by Vivienne Westwood, and yes I still think Stevie Nicks is awesome.  

So go on, ask yourself, who is your personal style icon or more importantly, what is your star style. But, please remember “Life really is too short to wear boring clothes” anonymous.

Lots of hugs 


Dear Diary

What is fashion

According to Wikipedia “Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses.”

A fairly broad definition I’m sure you will agree. So I started thinking, what is in fashion at the moment.  We all know what we like, but, is it fashionable. OMG, I would hate for anyone to think that I was a dag, heaven forbid.  Dag, is that even a word anymore, hmmm, what word do we apply to someone who is not in fashion – according to the urban dictionary, the word dag is still in vogue as we can say “I'm a bit of a dag today, I'm wearing my trackie-daks”.  Now we all know that trackie daks are not in vogue and are utterly daggy.  We may like to wear them around the house, note, around the house not out shopping and definitely not the type that show your bottom or g banger.  So for the record, trackie daks are not fashionable.

Jeans, mmm, jeans are fashionable so what is on trend for the coming seasons.  According to Pop Sugar’s ultimate guide to Spring Denim, chances are, we are all in need of an update. Bugger, there is namely a whopping 7 styles: slashed, white (yuk), boyfriend, overalls (really – the denim jumpsuit circa ABBA arrival 1975 is much more appealing in my book), cigarette leg, flairs and patchwork.  Nothing really new in any of this and I still prefer my 501’s so I guess that makes me a bit of a dag.

So, in my quest for fashion supremecy I kept googling – what are the key trends for Spring 2015.  Now I know that you are thinking but its freezing outside – the truth is, most of the good winter stuff is gone and the boutiques are gearing up for Summer, sad but true.  Now is the best time to snag an amazing winter outfit especially if you are a size 6 or 18 because that’s what tends to be left on the sale racks right about now.  But, getting back to the original idea because we all want to be fashionable, what is coming for Spring 2015.


So ladies here it is the good peeps at Pop Sugar are putting their money on the following trends: Trend 1, Stripes – it doesn’t matter vertical, horizontal, diagonal (there are those of us that know better, horizontal stripes don’t always work), Trend 2, front folds – this is where ruffles, folds and frills decorate the torso – note: stay well clear if you have boobs. Trend 3 the Sexy Sheath – we would have called them the boob tube dress back in the day, the good news is that there is nothing here made from Terry towelling.  Trend 4 the New Shirt, to be honest, there was nothing very new about it to me, it buttons up the front and has two sleeves.  Trend 5, one of my all time favourites “Pastels”. Pastels for Spring, how original, I cannot see myself wearing sky blue any time soon, call me daggy if you will. Trend 6 Cobalt blue – this is probably on the money. Trend 7 – Cold Shoulder, again, I like this one, a slather of fake tan, shimmy those shoulders voila! What’s not to like, Trend 8 – Sultry suit, Trend 9 – Anything white, and ladies for the grand finale Trend 10 – Cool Culottes.  Yes, I am serious.  Now that is something to think about.  I had an amazing pair of culottes when I was 10, I wore them with a white boob tube, three of this Springs key trends. So there it is I have always been fashionable, nothing daggy here lol.


Dear Diary

I set out this week thinking about all of the really daggy things that I loved during the 1980's, 1983 to be precise as it was my last year of high school.  Google and I got down to business and all of a sudden these amazing images started to appear.  There were some brilliant moments - Cher in that outrageous Oscars outfit - pure gold, people still talk about it today.  Charles and Diana on their Australian tour. Boy George by far and away had the absolute best eyemake up ever, ever.  Adam Ant, totally kookie now, but a big spunk then and I can remember spending hours trying to do the Bonnie Tyler mullet.  To this day I still love both Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks and Madonna was beautiful back in the day.  Flash dance was a hit on the big screen, it did wonders for sexy gym gear - so did Olivia just quietly. Tom Cruise revolutionised the "Rayban" in Risky Business, Rowena Wallace aka Pat the Rat was Queen of the Logies for Sons and Daughters and we just couldn't get enough of Dynasty - bring back the shoulder pad is all I can say.  Freida Kahlo's biography was a best seller and Australia won the American's Cup.  Unbelievably Austen Tayshus was the number 1 on the music charts for his Australiana - it still makes me laugh.  So there it is, there is absolutely nothing "Dashion" about 1983, let it live on (in my memory) for ever. Oh, and I still love Tom Selleck - Hawaiian shirt and all.




Dear Diary

So ladies, what's your go to piece, come on, we all have them.  That one thing that always looks good or not.  It could just be the thing that makes you feel happy, or comfortable or makes you look thin, Mmmm c'mon, we all love that one.  Every year they (the fashion people) create that list of the 10 things every wardrobe must have.  The perfect pair of denim jeans (if my bum just wasn't so big), the perfect white shirt (note to self - must not eat spaghetti that day), the little black dress - mine is just not so little any more.  You do get the picture - but never once does that list mention the perfect pair of trackky daks, or your favourite sloppy Joe - now ladies, they are things that every wardrobe must have, cause some days - I just don't want to get dressed up.  I am very happy to hide in my house, eating Tim Tams and watching reruns of Sex in the City, I am also very aware that if I do step outside on said day - I will of course run into every single living person that I know.  So here is the tip - some days, it's just okay to hide, on the other hand - if your go to piece is some amazing litlle piece of couture - then go outside and share it with everybody, they deserve it and it will make you feel really, really good!



Dear Diary,

So what's really in for Winter?  Where can we start, well, I can tell you that it's not the Yohji Yamamoto fatty bombah suit - (we do have photo's on our facebook page) We did love Etro, Cavalli, Dior and all of those other really clever designers in Europe - but here in the Hunter I think that it's going to be the season of colour - Yep, there it is said. COLOUR - lots of colour, lots of prints, lots of fun and did I mention velvet, yes, yes, yes, velvet, velvet and brocade.  I love winter - there is something so special about velvet and brocade, simply cannot get enough.  Lucky for me, I have a boutique full of it - full of colour, full of patterns, full of velvet and brocade and a bit of black.  Of course we have black, how can we not have black, Melissa would have nothing to wear if we didn't have black.  Actually, I wouldn't have anything to wear if we didn't have black, black and velvet and brocade, and a bit of colour.  Did I mention the new Holmes and Fallon Collection - it has all of the above and in great sizes 8 - 20 with prices from $89.95.  It's all here.  We hope to see you soon.




Dear Diary,

So here we are, on the threshold of winter yet again.  I love winter.  Yes I know that it is still 30 degrees, but it is going to get cold, really, really soon.  I can feel it in my water!  So, what's in for Winter 2015.  Lots of sensationally beautiful coats, rich velvets, yep, velvet - love velvet, lots of gorgeous brocades think Ann Bolyn before she married nasty Henry, lots and lots of colour - red, gold, purple, turquoise it's luxe all the way.  Snappy pair of knee high boots and a beautiful coat.  But not Desigual because they are sold out already, that's right, you snooze you loose. The awesome Desigual coat is gone ladies, sold out in February but.... Boo Radley have an awesome Riding coat (It was my personal favourite this Winter), new labels Joe Browns and Holmes and Fallon also have awesome coats and did I mention Smash, well - ladies what can I say, this Winter is all about the beautiful statement coat.  Don't miss out - Desigual Coats are already gone and you are lucky because they were $589.95 - but we still have awesomeness from $179.95 and you are welcome to layby.  Hope to see you soon





Dear Diary,

This week I thought I would give the guys a helping hand. As we fast approach the one day of the year where you’re supposed to surprise your special lady (who already has everything) with that one present that she has been dropping hints about all year (but you haven’t been paying attention).

I’m sure you are all already prepared and have the perfect gift purchased, gift wrapped and under the tree however, just in case it slipped your mind here is my fool proof fabulous female Christmas present list:

  1. Jewellery - always good to know her favourite colour

  2. Perfume - pick one that you will like and it will fast become her favourite

  3. Day spa - anything that is child free and comes with a glass of champagne

At the end of the day every women wants to sparkle, smell delicious and escape the real world just for a few moments.

You can thank me later gentleman.


Princess Fahryn xoxo

Dear Diary,

It’s been one of those weeks and I can’t wait to go home, pour myself an obscenely large glass of wine and watch mindless television. I really do live for the weekend. Which got me thinking about my go to weekend wardrobe.

On the weekend, first and foremost, I'm all about comfort. And when long lunches turn into dinner, or an afternoon drinks turn into evening (which is 90% of the time for me), I stick to the same wardrobe rule: dressed-down on top, with a heel added into the equation to take me through the night.

I always dress-up a simple tee with great sunglasses and a feature bag. It's all in the details. At the moment I'm in love with the mini bucket bag. Or if tee shirts aren’t your thing a loose fitted beach dress teamed with statement jewellery is always a winner.

What are your weekend essentials?

Princess Fahryn xoxo

I am adding a footnote - the new thing that I am loving is my Gabriella Frattini jeans - add a pair of heels and voila, what a look, kind of fits with Princess Fahryn's dressing down on top theory.  Try it!  Regards Lisa

Dear Diary,

I never thought I would say this but I am now a lover of the ‘mid-calf’ length skirt or dress. I have been an avid hater of this length for some time now however I am now seeing it in a new light.

Once of the opinion that it was either above the knee or two the ankle – none of this in between business.

I’m sure you are privy to this season’s trends and this just so happens to be one. But before you go and get all ‘mid-calf’ crazy on me there is one golden rule.

The dress or skirt MUST be fitted!

Think sexy pinup or 1950’s housewife. The long, cylindrical skirt/dress gives you some serious booty hugging goodness and still allows you to wear a seriously sexy pair of heels.

Here’s to getting bootylicious this summer.


Princess Fahryn xoxo


Dear Diary,

I should probably begin with a disclaimer: I've had the same boyfriend for several years, so "what to wear on a first date" isn't something I've given much thought to lately.

This post was actually inspired by a conversation I was having with a friend, who asked what I would wear on a first date if I wanted to look "nice" without looking like I've tried at all.

So I thought I’d share with you my first date fashion do’s and don’ts.


Wear bodycon. It leaves nothing to the imagination, and no room for dessert.

Wear all white. Too many things can go wrong. Just don't do it to yourself.

Wear ridiculous heels. The higher the heel, the harder you look like you're trying.

Wear red lipstick. It's intimidating, and high maintenance.


Wear the pants. You know how people instantly look 50% more intelligent when they put glasses on? Well I think it's the same for women in pants. It shows you mean business.

Apply the 50/50 rule. If you're going for bare shoulders, cover-up on the bottom, and vice versa.

Wear your hair up. It says "I woke up like this".

Show-off your décolletage. It looks good across the table.



Princess Fahryn xoxo


Dear Diary,

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Princess Bazaar has had some huge announcements lately. Firstly, the ‘Privilege Card’, a discount card for all Princess Bazaar shoppers offering weekly specials and then then Wicked Wardrobe Mistress, Princess Bazaar’s alter ego online discount store.

Is it just me or is everyone as excited as I am?!

I really don’t think there is anything else in the world (family and friends excluded…only just) that I love more than a sale. I mean, when you bag a bargain, it’s as if you’ve made money. I know I’m not the only one out there that is so much more inclined to spend $200 instead of $100 if you’re saving $50.

So, in light of Princess Bazaar’s amazing new Privilege Card and online discount Store, Wicked Wardrobe Mistress, go and make yourself some money!


Princess Fahryn xoxo


Dear Diary,


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the one time of year it's okay for celebrities to reveal their wild, alter-ego usually kept under wraps. And for me Halloween is the one time of year I get to laugh at all the hilariously bad and controversial costumes celebrities showcase to the world.

Gone are the days of Morticia Addams and Frankenstein. Today on Halloween you get sexy kitten and superheros! Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the idea of Halloween was to dress up as something gothic, fantastical or freaky. Not a day to wear the smallest corset and panties you can find.

So in keeping with the proper tradition of American Halloween and knowing how much Princess Lisa loves her witches, fairies and all things supernatural tonight, just for her, I will be watching Hocus Pocus, drinking my magic potion (red wine) and wearing my best Morticia Addams costume!

I hope you all have a super spooky day.


Princess Fahryn xoxo


Dear Diary,

I thought I’d share with you my latest accessory must have. It is not limited by season, body type or personal style. This really is a timeless accessory that everyone should be wearing. And you probably guessed it from my terrible pun, yes, it is the watch.

At the moment I just can’t get enough of arm candy – especially of the watch variety.

Whether you’re into bling bling, or something a little more understated there is a watch for everyone. If colour is your thing or something a little more classic, a watch suits all genres.

What I really love about the watch is that it is so versatile, you can wear it to work, or even with an evening gown. The statement doesn’t always have to be about the earrings or the necklace; it can be about the wrist! A watch can totally make an outfit!

So if you want to keep up with the times (another shocker I know) follow the always fashionable trend and get watching.


Princess Fahryn xoxo


Dear Diary,

I know you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about racing season, and I promise I’ll stop harping on about it soon. However, Melbourne Cup Officials have just released a FASHION BAN for the Melbourne Cup.

Racegoers have been urged to cover their midriffs to enjoy the race that stops the nation, with fashion police patrolling Flemington racecourse to stop women with exposed stomachs entering vast sections of the track.

Women entering general admission areas will be able to flash their flesh in midriff-exposing crop tops. But members and their guests trying to enter the Members’ Grandstand and enclosure, VIP Birdcage and popular car park picnic precincts, such as The Nursery, will be subject to a belly top ban and turned away.

And I’m all for it! Enforcing this no stomach revealing rule might bring a sense of glamour and class back to this nationwide event. However, something tells me that the fashions in the general admission field will all stomach bearing as it is one of this season’s latest trends. I agree with officials on the ban, believing you don’t have to wear next to nothing just to turn heads! But rules are there to be broken so I’m sure something amusing will come from it.

Princess Fahryn xoxo


Dear Diary,

I need to get something off my chest. I have been stewing on it for some time now and I just can’t hold it in any longer. I really do not enjoy the ‘mullet’. Not the fish, not the haircut but the dress!

The mullet dress is a dress that is shorter in the front and longer in the back, that’s right just like the bad 80’s hairstyle. However, there is no business is the front or party in the back as it is just plain ugly!

I find these dresses particularly unflattering and stupid! I mean, if you’ve got the legs to wear a mini skirt, wear a mini skirt or if you’re slightly more self-conscious opt for the maxi dress. However, do not under any circumstance combine the two! I don’t care which celebrity is wearing it, it’s just wrong. It looks like you’ve got a big piece of toilet paper stuck to your behind and sister that ain’t pretty!

So this summer choose one or the other, mini or maxi – not both!


Princess Fahryn xoxo


Dear Diary,

Changing seasons is not always a good thing, as this week I have been struck down with the flu.  I feel it quite ironic that while I sit here in my Sunday best ($10 pyjamas from Big W) I give you my opinion on the latest fashions and trends.

So it got me thinking. What is your favourite guilty pleasure in your wardrobe? For me, it is my $10 pyjamas from Big W that I should probably part ways with but refuse to. Have you got a seriously embarrassing garment that you just love, but will not let go? Maybe it’s something you wear all the time but are ashamed at the fact that your favourite item of clothing is from Millers? We all have them, some more than others.

My theory is that we need them to keep us grounded. The day I purchase pyjamas that cost more than an outfit is the day I give you permission to smack me. Fashion guilty pleasures are ok in my books, just as long as they don’t monopolise your wardrobe.


Princess Fahryn xoxo


Dear Diary,

First things first, if you asked me to describe myself in three words, 'sexy' wouldn't be one of them. Who am I kidding? It wouldn't even make the top 50.

I spend most of my days in boyfriend blazers, oversized shirts and shift dresses, which probably doesn't work in my favour in the ‘sexy’ department – besides leaving a lot to imagination.

But dressing up in something you feel good in is a great feeling, and something I think all women should do for themselves when they can. And while I'm not ready to kiss my comfy clothes goodbye, I'm all for bringing sexy back. Everything in moderation, I say.

When I dress up, I like structured silhouettes with beautiful details. This summer I’m loving high neck dresses and tops with a sneaky peek-a-boo cut out in the back.  It is the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated. Business in the front, party in the back.


After all, sexy is about showing a little, not a lot.


Friday 19th September 2014

Dear Diary,

Whether you're saying hello to spring or feeling the cool change of fall, it's this time of year that you hit the panic button. All of a sudden, you have nothing to wear. Well, nothing that you actually want to wear because it's all like, so last year.

I find in-between seasons the hardest season to dress for. But over the years I have realised that it is all just a balancing act. With a bit of strategic styling you can stretch your winter wardrobe a little further, and vice versa.

At the moment the weather is trying to be warm, but it's not quite there. You might not be able to lighten-up the layers yet, but you can lighten your colour palette. Try mixing white, cream, lighter denims and other neutrals. The colour palette screams spring but the layering is all winter.

Another handy trick, is layering a leather jacket over your summer dresses to continue wearing them until bare legs are out of the question. This also toughens a dress up a bit, which I like.

As we spring into spring, the layers will be peeling off, but I’m not 100% ready to ditch the jacket just yet.


Princess Fahryn xoxo

Sunday 7th September 2014

Dear Diary,

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means – race season.

The races are such a fun day out, not only for the bubbles and a bet but more importantly for the fashions!

When it comes to dressing for the races you just have to stick to a few simple guidelines.

The outfit must be a very current trend or totally uniquely classic. You can have fun with race wear; think floral, bright colours and interesting silhouettes. However, you must be comfortable! There is nothing worse than watching someone pull and readjust her dress all day.

The hat has to compliment the outfit. It pays to visit a good milliner. Or if it’s out of your budget, it’s worth learning to make your own. Sculptural and vintage hats are always a winner in my eyes!

The shoes must be appropriate. You don’t want to be aerating the soil all day. I love a wedge or chucky heel for a day at the races. Comfortable, stylish and above all, grass friendly.

And just in case you’re unaware of where to find such stylish race day fashions Princess Bazaar is your one stop shop for all things races!

So if you’re heading to the races this season come and pay us a visit.

Princess Fahryn xoxo


25th August 2014

Dear Diary,

One of my favourite past times is browsing the 'new in' section of everyone's most loved Net-a-Porter fashion website. Rarely being able to afford anything, but there's not harm in looking right? However, sometimes I come across something that stops me dead in my scrolling - and today was on of those days!

Pants with pockets by J W Anderson. Which wouldn’t be even remotely surprising, except that in this case, the pockets are at the ankles, rather than at the more usual place: the hips.  I have to assume these aren’t supposed to be used as functioning pockets. I mean how would you stop things from falling out when you walked? I have to admit though I would like to see someone try to use them as functioning pockets – merely for my own amusement.

But even if the pockets are only for decorative purposes, why would you want them at your ankles? They  would just make you look like you've got 'kankles' (fat ankles). Not the most flattering of silhouettes.

Happy online shopping ladies

Princess Fahryn xoxo

23rd August 2014

Dear Diary

I must say, our boutique,  has the best Summer collection that I have ever seen.  Never before have we had so much colour, that's right, colour.  Unusual for us I know but this season colour rules.  We have loads of dresses, suitable for all occasions: Mackenzie Mode and Michaela Louisa, perfect for Race Day, Rose Noir perfect for Cocktails, after 5 and Black Tie.  Desigual, Savage Culture and Custo Barcelona, all quirky smart casual and Sao Paulo, Dolce Vita and Bleu Blanc Rouge, beautiful pieces for that upmarket but casual event.  Boo Radley, Gabriella Frattini and Threads ideal for everyday wear.  We have new things arriving daily and the latest Dusud collection will literally knock your socks off.

We've been around for a while now and I think that we are really getting it right, our sizes are from 6 to 20, we really are worth a big look.

Hope to see you soon.



15th August 2014

Dear Diary,

I know it’s still winter but you know the drill – spring/summer clothes are hitting the racks now!

One of my favourite trends that is making a comeback is the off the shoulder top. This ultra-feminine, boho style of top screams Mediterranean summer. And what’s not to love about that?! So easy to wear, over jeans, shorts, or even a dress; it suits everyone.

I have also noticed that cross strap slides have fast become the sandal of the moment for those on the anti-Birkenstock trail, or those who favour minimalist comfort, which seems to be a shoe trend in itself. Unfortunately I’m not crazy about this new trend, I can’t help but think they look like 90’s shower shoes or the sandals my dad still wears to this day... I must tell dad he's a bit trendy.

Want style trends are you loving for this spring/summer season?

Princess Fahryn xoxo

8th August 2014

Dear Diary,

I sometimes wonder if you can ever get sick of acquiring new shoes. (However I don’t wonder for long because the obvious answer is no!)I believe a shoe makes even the most conservative take a chance to step out of their comfort zone and they always finish the look.

Someone once said to me ‘why do you need so many shoes, no one looks at your feet?’ Carrie Bradshaw would roll in her grave if she heard such a statement. Shoes are an outfit game changer whether it be your loafers, heeled or flat boots or statement pumps they totally depict the outfit and with a quick change from one to the other breathe new life into a look.

Just remember ladies, fashion is pain. If the shoe looks amazing and you can walk properly in them but they are completely uncomfortable – too bad, suck it up princess. It’s better to be uncomfortable and flawless, than comfortable and mediocre.

Princess Fahryn xoxo


1st August 2014

Dear Diary,

Just thought I would give you a little sneak peek into what’s in store at Princess Bazaar this week. As you know our spring/summer fashions are hitting the racks and they are just divine!

Everyone’s favourite Aussie label, Boo Radley never disappoints! Colour, prints and flattering shapes an unbeatable combination this spring/summer. Our Spanish affair continues with Desigual. Their spring/summer collection is so flirty and fun. Which takes me to Custo Barcelona this label is graphic, bold, sophisticated and above all comfortable! You don’t want to miss out on any of these fabulous new lines!

I don’t say it often but I am actually looking forward to what the summer fashions have in store this year!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

25th July 2014

Dear Diary,

You know that frustrating moment when your outfit won't work because your top needs to be slightly longer to cover ill-fitting jeans, or you're trying to tuck the extra length of your jeans in to skinny ankle boots to no avail?

I did away with those annoying problems a little while ago, and the solution was very simple.

Rather than owning multiple pairs of jeans, and liking and disliking certain things about each pair, I reworked my wardrobe to only include four or five pairs of the ultimate, staple denim jeans – and by that I mean, ones that fit so well you basically want to wear them with nothing else... but unfortunately it's pretty damn cold in the Hunter and nipples aren't socially acceptable.

These four pairs will have you covered from day to night. All day, every day.

THE TRUE BLUE: Classic, timeless and versatile

THE DARK DENIM: These are your day-to-night friends.

THE BASIC BLACK: A woman's best friend. All hail the black high-rise skinnies, a.k.a. the most flattering jeans ever.

THE MATTE BLACK: The hero jeans for after five or dressier occasions.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

18th July 2014

Dear Diary,

I am not one to welcome the summer trends as I am naturally drawn to the colours, fabrics and fashions the cooler months have to offer however, there is one summer trend soon to be hitting our racks that I am just loving! The fringe!

I’m talking full on, fringe dresses and I love them! Cut short, or long-length, coloured wonderful and responsible for creating dramatic movement, this summer season’s fringing trend is anything but lifeless. Seek it on feather-weight fabrics and slim-fit silhouettes, adopt it in subtle detailing, or completely surrender yourself to its irresistible appeal. Whatever you end up choosing, rest assured it won’t pass unnoticed. 

Normally I’m one for the traditional or as I like to call it ‘classic’ trends but I seem to have been led astray with this one.

So, are you with me?

Princess Fahryn xoxo

11th July 2014

Dear Diary,

My name is Fahryn and I’m addicted to… turtlenecks! Fitted, slouchy, knitted or not, I just can’t get enough. In my opinion they are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

And I’m sure you’re thinking, no!! Not the turtleneck skivvy worn by Jerry Seinfeld!!  And you’re right; I’m not talking about the thin turtleneck skivvy donned by not so very fashionable TV icon Jerry Seinfeld.

I’m talking about chunky turtleneck cable knit sweaters, fitted turtleneck blouses and comfy turtleneck swing dresses! Worn to the office, out for dinner or on the weekend, this timeless silhouette is a winner all round. It really cannot falter in my eyes.

The turtleneck really is so much more than a skivvy! What’s your opinion? Are you all for the turtleneck or too Jerry Seinfeld for you?

Princess Fahryn xoxo

4th July 2014

Dear Diary,

This week in the fashion world has been beyond stunning!! Resort Collections for the rich and beautiful were on display and they did not disappoint. So I thought I’d share with you a couple of my favourites.

For the jet setter with a desire for all things boho (Lisa I’m looking at you), the latest Resort designs from Trish Wescoat Pound at Haute Hippie are perfect for packing in a suitcase and taking on the world. Filled with a sense of wanderlust and borrowing from cultures across the globe, there’s plenty to take in here. The colours set the tone, with camel, aqua, orange, and peach tied in with bold flashes of black and white, to keep the collection on the sophisticated side of things. All in all, this collection offers up the idea that the world’s your oyster, so long as you’re dressed in Haute Hippie.

And on a completely different note, she might be known for artfully crafting tons of lacy white wedding gowns, but Vera Wang proved via her Resort showing that she knows how to create a dark, brooding collection with equal style. It was pretty clear from one look that grunge was the feeling of the season. Forget white lace and frills and embrace short shorts, babydoll dresses and tuxedo pants. Vera Wang knows what’s best!

So excuse me ladies, while I go overdose in some more Resort Collections.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

27th June 2014

Dear Diary,

It has come to my attention that when hitting the cooler months of the year people are trying to steer clear from the obvious colour, black! Captions like ‘brighten up your winter’ and ‘grey is the new black’ have caught my eye and I just want to say I am disgusted!

You cannot replace black, there is a reason it is almost every women’s favourite colour to wear. It is classy, classic and above all slimming!

I just thought I’d put it out there, I will never cheat on you black. I think you’re fantastic and we have had a great relationship over the years! I will never leave you!

So to all of you abandoning black this winter, you should be ashamed of yourself!

It’s true you know, once you go black you never go back!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

20th June 2014

Dear Diary,

I’ve always adopted the principle that less is more, however sometimes less is just less. The minimal look can be hard to pull off but with a few tricks of the trade it becomes very easy!

Here's how to walk the fine line between minimal chic, and just plain boring.


Mix and match neutrals like grey, white and tan, rather than always sticking to all-black (this is a very hard one for me). Grey and white, tan and white, grey and tan and all of the above with black makes the perfect minimalist colour palette. Although don’t freak out if you can’t walk away from the all black ensemble, you can use texture instead of colour, so team a black knit over a black jersey dress and it has the same effect.


Attention to detail is everything, and you need to have a game plan. How can you subtly bring something simple to life? The obvious way would be through jewellery, I use earrings to personalise any minimal outfit. This gives an outfit a subtle yet effective touch.


Break it all up with a statement bag. In this case, an all-black bag would probably leave me somewhere between semi-boring and boring, which isn't really where I aim to be. Look for a statement piece but nothing over the top – maybe just a splash of colour.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

13th June 2014

Dear Diary,

Over the last few weeks it has been fairly obvious to me that fashion these days is all about exposing yourself. Girls and women seem to be abandoning the “leave a little to the imagination” idea and supporting the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” mindset.

However, I don’t think that applies to your insides?!

The latest trend of leotards has gone a little too far I think with this graphic representation of, well, your insides. I don’t know about you but I don’t find anything fashion forward or stylish about my guts.

All I can say is, you’d have to have some guts to wear it…

Princess Fahryn xoxo

6th June 2014

Dear Diary,

On trend: cropped pants. A fashion I quite enjoy, when worn correctly. However, cropped pants are not to be confused with capri pants. We are not talking mid-calf here ladies! Because mid-calf or capri pants are a big fat no no!

Cropped pants are just that, copped. Slightly shorter in length, only exposing the ankle. You do not want to be wearing pedal pushers (Kimoi from Kath and Kim comes to mind).

I was trawling the internet as I do and came across the following description “awkward length trousers”. When clicking on the garment a pair of baggy, mid-calf length, hibiscus printed trousers presented themselves in front of my eyes. I found hilarious that this particular online fashion website had described them as awkward length, when in fact that was only one ‘awkward’ thing about them. The style, cut, print and fabric were all awkward! In my opinion I don’t think they would be running out the doors – so did they really think they were going to entice women to purchase these particular pair of pants when describing them as awkward?! I don’t think so. I don’t know about you but I want to be anything but awkward.

So, when it comes to cropped pants, steer clear of that ‘awkward’ length. Only expose the ankle as it is the slimmest part of your leg and therefor you want to show it off.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

2nd June 2014

Dear Diary,

After trawling the website for fashion inspiration over the weekend I stumbled upon a seriously hideous trend. No, not trend, as it is anything but trendy – I would say DASHION!

This new Dashion is glammed up tights. Now, I know of patterned tights, coloured tights and perhaps even a bedazzled tights (not really a fan of any of these) however, what I am about to share with you takes tights to a whole new level of foul!

Skirt tights. Yep that’s right, a skirt attached to a pair of stockings. And it gets better, a pair of these skirt tights will set you back $500. Yep, $500 for a tulle skirt attached to a pair of stockings. This idea might sound adorable on a 3 year old, but on a 30 year old I think not! What is the world coming to????

Surly things can only go up from here?!

Princess Fahryn xoxo


23rd May 2014

Dear Diary,

Being in the fashion industry one of the most common questions is “what is your signature style?” I often struggle with this because, to me, style isn’t something you can boil down into three words. Style doesn’t define you, but it does reflect your personality, your interests, your background, and so much more. So how am I supposed to sum all of that up in three words?

Anyway, the other day a friend of mine asked me this popular question and I figured that there was no better time than the present to decide upon my three words. So today, I’m sharing them with you. Here goes nothing…

My signature style in three words is…




They might not be all that exciting but I think that best describes me. I’m not one for being overstated but I do like glimpses of it. I am always drawn to clean lines and a structured fit and 90% of my wardrobe is black. So now it’s your turn… what is your signature style in three words?

Princess Fahryn xoxo


16th May 2014

Dear Diary,

I know they are totally on trend and all of the ‘cool’ celebs are wearing them at the moment but I cannot stand heavily ripped jeans! I might get crucified for this, but I find them tacky and revolting!

I mean what is the point of them? They don’t keep you warm, you pay just as much if not more money for less fabric and you have to shave your legs if you wear them because the denim to skin ration is about even.

Why would you pay good money to look like you have just fallen over, ten times in a row?!

Call me old fashioned or a prude, but I think that a lovely, full denim leg of jean is a much more fashionable and appropriate outfit staple this winter.

I don’t mind I slightly distressed jean and I can even deal with faded washed jeans, but not jeans with big gaping holes where I can see more leg than denim!

Take it from me ladies, jeans should not have deliberate holes in them and if they do, they are called shorts!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

2nd May 2014

Dear Diary,

Winter is coming!

Tomorrow it is said to only reach 17 degrees and I’m so excited! Yes, that’s right I am an Australian that loves the cold. Not only the hot coffee, comfort meals and open fires but all the fashions that come with it.

Winter fashions (in my opinion) are so much more luxe than summer fashions; so many more textures and fabrics, styles and layers. And the best part, everyone looks good in winter clothes! Regardless of your shape, height or skin tone – winter doesn’t discriminate.

The number one styling trick for winter is to build up your layers of clothes. Don’t wear big, bulky shapeless coats, as this will just make you look like the ‘Michelin Man’.  Consider investing in a statement coat in a bold shade, dramatic print or with glamorous details. I gravitate towards darker colours not only in the cooler months but all year round, so don’t hesitate to brighten up the day by wearing a coat in an inspiring and cheery colour. Even though accordingly to Morticia Addams black is such a happy colour.

For extra warmth and style add a scarf, a hat or maybe some knee length boots. Wearing tights and opaque stockings are a fabulous way to include an extra layer of warmth. Not only a fashionable look, but it will keep you extra toasty.

So as we head into my favourite season of the year think colour, statement, layers.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

11th April 2014

Dear Diary,

Winter is coming and just because the temperature has plummeted doesn't mean you have to let your fashion game drop too. There are too many wearable and warm winter fashion trends—from over-the-knee boots to statement coats. So don’t settle for an average outfit this season.

If you’re looking for simple, yet effective ways to spruce up your winter wardrobe look no further.

Add a fur or faux fur collar, shrug or scarf over your jacket or coat and you'll instantly look more stylish and also instantly warmer! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for all things animal. Be it print, fur or leather.

Try combining hues that seem to clash for a quirky-cute result. Try a bright coloured statement coat teamed with a brightly coloured winter hat or scarf; something different, something to make heads turn.

And every winter wardrobe isn’t complete without a pair of boots. Nothing says sexy quite like a pair of black, leather, over-the-knee boots. Over-the-knee boots are huge this season so do yourself a favour and secure yourself a pair. You won’t regret it.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

4th April 2014

Dear Diary,

This week I think I need a little vent. After watching and reading the local news for over the last week it has been brought to my attention that overseas real tailers like H&M, Japan's Uniqlo and British icon Marks & Spencer are set to hit Australian shores. My first thought was BRING IT ON!

However, I seem to notice the lack of excitement around this new fashion buzz. In my opinion, Australia has great fashion sense however; we only have this great fashion sense because of the overseas market. Countries like Spain, Sweden and Japan are way ahead of us in the fashion game and I welcome these new overseas retailers with open arms!

As you might already be aware, Princess Bazaar have always been strong supporters of local and international fashions. We try to spread the love as much as possible not pigeon holing ourselves into one category.

And that’s what I think everyone else needs to do, stop worrying about what it is going to do to local labels and embrace the competition, I mean at the end of the day we are benefitting as we get more variety, new fashions and get to define ourselves on the fashion map.

So I say, here’s to Australia being just as fashion forward as the rest of them.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

28th March 2014

Dear Diary,

True story: 2 in 3 of your friends will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lives.

Another true story: Australia has the highest skin cancer rate in the world.

Now, go back and actually read those true stories out loud, because you probably just skimmed over them.

I'm pretty sure I'd seen these statistics before too, floating around on posters and popping up on those government-funded infomercials, but I probably had way more important things to deal with at the time, like checking my Facebook feed for the 19th time that morning.

Coming from someone who has the mentality that a natural even bronzed tan is much nicer than fake tan which looks like you have just rolled around in a packet of twisties, it's fair to say enough damage has been done and it's time to get smart.

The issue this entry is focussed on may seem somewhat more serious than the wardrobe dilemmas I usually tackle, but the good news is that there's a thing called a hat, and sunscreen, and sunglasses, that are going to save us all. If only we'll just let them!

But if you're not willing to do it for your skin, do it because a) hats are awesome b) sunglasses are like the sprinkles on top of your ice cream and, c) sunscreen will make you look younger when you're older and it's a lot cheaper than Botox.

I know we are heading into winter however these issues are still prevalent! So ladies, even if you don’t want to resort to tan in a can, please invest is a stunning hat, classic sunglasses and if not sunscreen, a luminous tinted moisturiser.

Princess Fahryn xoxo




14th March 2014

Dear Diary,

What I sincerely love about fashion is your vast array of options. The only limit is the 2 C's - your personal creativity and confidence. Some women fall in love with looks but claim not to have the confidence to "pull it off". I personally beg to differ; if you can dream it you can do it, or in this case wear it.

It’s no secret love to mix and match colours, prints, and textiles. One of my latest obsessions is Animal/Floral fusion.

The mixture of floral print with animal print. Mixing Pansies and python or Lillie's and leopard the colours and combo's are truly endless. It even exists in nature. Did you know there is a Leopard Flower?

Now there is no excuse not to at least try Animal Floral Fusion …it's only natural!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

7th March 2014

Dear Diary,

This week after seeing all the amazing dresses on the Oscars runway I couldn’t help but notice Angie (Angelina Jolie) in a suit. And it got me to thinking…

There’s nothing better than a man in a suit – unless it’s a woman in one. Pantsuits have strutted out of beige office hallways straight onto runways of late.

Bold colours, edgy cuts and figure-hugging silhouettes have revolutionised the office-suit ensemble with designers and celebrities jumping onto the androgynous bandwagon, and I’m all for it; which is something I never thought I’d say!

When done right, women’s pantsuits manage to give off a femme fatale vibe while remaining fierce. There’s something about them that just screams “I’m sexy, yet efficient.” Perfect work/play balance if you ask me.

Alas, not all of us have runways to walk and a three-piece pantsuit might be a bit much for a Saturday night out. Lucky for us, you can dress down this trend with structured blazers perfect for both office life and going out! 

Whether you’re bold enough to try out a matching pantsuit or just want to rock a variation of the trend, a blazer and suit pants are both staple wardrobe items so it’s a guilt free purchase, right? 

Princess Fahryn xoxo

28th February 2014

Dear Diary,

I thought I would share with you this week my biggest obsession at the moment. Whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or in living colour, stripes are my new addiction!

I just can’t seem to get enough; I think I counted 7 new items of clothing on the weekend, all striped! Have you ever had a fashion obsession that you just couldn’t shake?

I mean, lucky stripes are in fashion – could be worse, I could be addicted to jeggings. Now that would be something to complain about! For those of you lucky enough not to know what jeggings are they are a cross between jeans and leggings. Ewww!

I am really loving my simple horizontal, black and white striped jersey dress. It’s so effortless with a pair of boots and a denim jacket or sandals and a floppy hat. Stripes really can do no wrong in my books, well not at the moment.

Princess Fahryn  xoxo

21st February 2014

Dear Diary,

What's your style? It’s kind of like asking, what’s your personality? We all kind of know, but can become lost in the hype of dressing for occasions, dressing for other people and buying into what everyone else is telling you to buy.

We all have our tipping point and I found mine a couple of seasons ago. It seemed like a rainbow literally threw up on the style scene, it pushed me over the edge. I can't wear what these other girls are wearing and pull it off. I feel awkward, uncomfortable and simply, not me. On the other hand I have friends that suit colour, their personality glows and they look absolutely stunning.

Once I made the decision that colour wasn't for me it instantly gave me clarity. The first step was going through my current wardrobe culling almost everything. It’s like going on a diet, you first have to get rid of all the junk food to give yourself a fighting chance to stick to your new resolution. When I go shopping I cull at least 50% of a store. It’s like I have permanent blinkers on. Picking up only black, white, grey and then my exceptions; khaki, denim and camel.

Here’s to the wardrobe diet, the only diet I have managed to stick to.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

14th February 2014

Dear Diary,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! The day we celebrate love. But not just love of a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. It is a day to share with and celebrate everyone and everything that holds a place in your heart.

I think I will always have a one true love – fashion. Fashion is always there to cheer me up, to turn my day around, and to give me confidence on a ‘fat’ day. People search their whole lives looking for love when in fact it could already be hanging in their wardrobe.  

Call me crazy, but I honestly believe that fashion can bring you joy and love - constantly changing and evolving, forever being recreated.

So today whether you’re single or not, you’re not alone. Turn to your old faithfuls and enjoy the pleasure your favourite jeans gives you or admire that stunning ball gown you’ve only been game enough to wear once because it just too amazing to wear.

In the famous words of Carrie Bradshaw, “the fact it, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single women’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then - to make the walk a little more fun.”  

Princess Fahryn  xoxo

7th January 2014

Dear Diary,

Fashion week is upon us. All over the globe the style gurus showcase what we are going to wear for the next season, it is like Christmas to me!  And this week David Jones kicked off their autumn winter collections launch.

So, what’s in it for me? What delicious fashions will be on the racks and ultimately our backs?

Well, if you’re anything like me you still haven’t parted with your favorite trench from 4 seasons ago, knitwear or scarves. Let’s face it, I don’t really like parting ways with any of my clothes. Especially the winter ones!

However, David Jones tells me to at least take note of a few trends coming our way so I can weave them into my already overflowing winter wardrobe. There suggestions are as follows:

Tasteful leopard and animal prints

Longer line jackets and soft cashmere man-size sweaters

Cropped tops - yes, even for winter - and cropped pants

Grey, but not old-school school grey

Hang on, what’s new and up and coming!? Isn’t that just every winter season?! I’m confused! Isn’t this supposed to be trends to look out for?

 I can tell you for free, I’m not loving the ‘cropped’ tops for winter idea – that can get the cut. Tasteful animal print – I’ve never met an animal print I didn’t like. Longer jackets and soft cashmeres – well thanks for pointing out the obvious. And grey – well grey is just trying to be black, and needs to give it up! It will never be black!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

31st January 2014

Dear Diary,

I know you don’t want to hear it, but winter is coming (and I’m not talking about season 3 of Game Of Thrones being released in April, even though I am counting down until it’s release). I’m talking about the amazing new winter collections that are fast arriving at PB Headquarters.

Such an extremely lush variety is in store for the colder months, and I can’t wait! Winter is my favourite time of year, the coats, the boots, the hats, the scarves. I can’t get enough.

Fresh out of Canada, set to hit this February is Spanner. Spanner fashions are interesting, artsy and eclectic, but very wearable. Trendy and unique, yet classy, Spanner fashions are perfect for the office, home or evening out.

Also, Parisian label Bleu Blanc Rouge is coming February too. Bleu Blanc Rouge is about lifestyle that is confident, style aware and connected. So French Chic!

Scheduled for mid-March is another flawless Canadian label, Jana. Jana takes the latest trends and makes them flattering for all and easy to wear. There is an obvious European influence in their styling, colours and quality. Jana is all about versatility - clothing that can go anywhere, anytime.

So, if you hadn’t already realized I am just slightly excited for our new arrivals over the coming months and this is just a smidge of what to expect.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

24th January 2014

Dear Diary,

I can’t help but notice that everyone is getting married, and boy do I love a good wedding. The dresses, the suits, the flowers, the food, that is all well and good, however, it is so easy to get all of that wrong.

After watching the Couture Chanel Show in Paris (I wasn’t actually in Paris, I was sadly in Newcastle watching in on my laptop) and the closing piece was a sheer, embellished wedding dress worn by the everyone’s latest muse Cara Delevingne, teamed with.. wait for it… sneakers!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is just a combo I would have never seen coming. I draw the line at joggers and jeans let alone joggers and wedding dress.

I think brides are getting a little swept up in the moment when it comes to weddings these days. They are outrageously OTT (over the top). Ruffles, sequins, lace, feathers and that’s all on the one dress! I mean, come on sweetie, you don’t want to look like Priscilla Queen of the Dessert on your wedding day.

And now you’re probably all saying, well Carrie Bradshaw donned silk, ruffles and a bird on her head. My response to you is, you’re not Carrie Bradshaw.

Less is more, especially on your wedding day. I mean, you still want a wow factor you just don’t want the “what the hell was she thinking” factor.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

17th January 2014

Dear Diary,

I’m melting! This hot weather is really taking its toll on my fashion forward self. I don’t know how everyone else feels but when it’s hot the last thing I want to do is get dressed up to the nines and put on a full face of makeup.

So it got me to thinking, how do I translate my basics into night time appropriate attire?

Overdressing in hot weather is crap and I’m a firm believer of flats for those hot summer nights. Looking at my basic T-shirts, dresses and skirts I think they’re perfectly wearable in the PM too – depending on what they’re paired with of course!

After a little experimenting, a simple cami becomes instantly fashion forward when teamed with a velvet skirt and bold clutch (think hyper luxury bags, Louis Vitton’s latest). Also, your favourite, flowy beach dress together with a statement necklace and strappy sandals is perfect both day and night! And top it all off with a classic red lip and voilà!

So it’s settled no more sacrificing being daggy to be comfortable or being uncomfortable just to be stylish – you can have the best of both worlds!

Princess Fahryn xoxo   

10th January 2014

Dear Diary,

Welcome 2014 – the year everything will be fabulous. The year I will lose that extra 5kgs. The year I will travel and save and do everything I’ve ever wanted to do… pfft as if!

Let’s be realistic here, New Year resolutions never actually stick. I think the whole objective of the New Year’s resolution is so you can focus on all the things you want to change and achieve and then watch them get pushed to the back of the queue. I don’t need a change of date to tell me to save, travel and lose weight… that’s just every Monday for me.

I wonder if anyone actually does stick to their New Year’s resolutions or if anyone actually has any that are worth sticking to? Something fun, different or inspired? All I have in my head is some stupid inspirational quote “dream, believe, achieve.” Haha makes me want to throw up!

Maybe we are setting the bar too high for ourselves?! Maybe we need to create realistic resolutions like, I will buy myself new shoes every season or I will spend an extra $100 on myself each month. They sound like achievable, positive resolutions to me.

New shoes, more me time – now that would make for a fabulous year. So I’m thinking ladies, instead of making hollow resolutions, how about we make 2014 the year of you; the year you come first. I like the sound of that!

Here’s to us and bugger the rest!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

20th December 2013

This will be my last blog for of the year and I thought we should take a moment to reflect on the best and worst fashions of 2013.

My top 3 best fashion moments this year would have to be:

  1. Rose Byrne at the 2013 Emmy Awards in a pink custom peekaboo carnation column by Calvin Klein. Simply divine!

  2. Anne Hathaway at the 2013 Golden Globes in Chanel's white beaded strapless dress from the SS09 haute couture collection. So chic!

  3. Nicole Richie at the 2013 Golden Globe awards in an embellished pale blue Naeem Khan gown, absolutely flawless!

And my top 3 wost fashions of the year are:

  1. Kim Kardashian at the 'PUNK' exhibition opening gala. I don't care if she was wearing Givenchy. She looked like a 1970’s porn couch.

  2. Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her culturally misappropriated Bantu knots were out of place, her boyish figure did nothing for that latex bikini. And don't even get me started on her failed attempts at twerking.

  3. Florence Welch at the 2013 Grammy Awards looked more like Godzilla than a fashion mogul. Her stegosaurus Givenchy dress was all kinds of ugly!

So there you have it, my best and worst dressed of 2013!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! I hope Santa is good to you all.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

13th December 2013

Dear Diary,

Tis the season to be jolly and something that has caught my eye is just how festive people are getting, especially with their fashion.

The Christmas Jumper, once so ghastly and unthinkable. Actually capable of doing the unimaginable – making Colin Firth seem unattractive in Bridget Jones, is everywhere.

I suppose you'd expect to find them in the children’s section or in the Lowes window display, but stylish boutiques like Net-A-Porter?! Never!

Yet there the Christmas Jumper is, in all its antlered kitsch. Only instead of being acrylic, it's 100% cashmere. And - crowning fashion touch!

Who would have thought?! However, I am a little apprehensive.  

Nevertheless, I do love the Christmas spirit and enjoy people spreading cheer. So I might just have to join in and get me a Christmas inspired garment this year.

Princess Fahryn xoxo




6th December 2013

Dear Diary,

So I know I’m not an accredited fashion critic and everyone is entitled to an opinion… but when I am reading reviews on the AMA (American Music Awards) best and worst dressed from actual fashion critics and they blatantly get it wrong is severely upsets me!

I don’t know if you caught any of the red carpet fashions from the night, but they weren’t that great. Actually, they were extremely underwhelming. One word comes to mind, DASHION! And what’s worse is that the fashion critics thought that some of the worst dressed (in my books) were the ‘best dressed’!

One critic said that Rhianna’s look was “sophisticated”. Woah, woah, woah, her Jean-Paul Gaultier crop top and lace skirt was far from ‘sophisticated’. It was awful! No class, nothing left to the imagination, not a fan!

And on the flip side Kylie Jenner (step sister to Kim Kardashian) made the worst dressed list. As one of the youngsters on the red carpet I thought she looked flawless. Rocking a white cut-out, mini dress with a statement necklace, red lip and sleek dark hair – I thought she was bang on the money!

Maybe I’m missing something? Or maybe I haven’t been let in on the secret? But I couldn’t disagree anymore with the AMA critics. I think the only thing that will make me feel better is a glass of vino.

Cheers to that!

Princess Fahryn xoxo



29th November 2013

Dear Diary,

In this dreary weather the only thing that is brightening up my day is the amazingly stunning new kaftans we have in store! They are delicious! So many bright and beautiful colours, it got me to thinking how much I love the kaftan!; and how overlooked the kaftan is!

Ladies, the kaftan, in my humble opinion is an essential for the 2013/14 summer! And hang on, not only for summer but all year round! They are perfect for any time of year, at any occasion. Easily teamed over a pair of leggings for those colder months and stripped back to a slip or over your swimmers during the fun months.

The floaty and fluid shape of the kaftan make them ideal garments for any shape or size of women. If you’re curvaceous, they enhance your bosoms, waist and curvy hips whilst also covering up any ‘problem’ areas. And if you’re really thin and tall, they can give you the appearance of an ultra-feminine and curvaceous figure too.

One of my favourite stylists to the stars Rachel Zoe perfectly sums up the kaftan saying

"I will never forget the first time I went to St. Tropez with my parents and the most glamorous women all wore Kaftans. A Kaftan is always chic and effortless - it’s a trend that began in the 1960s and has transcended time. Wear it on the beach with gladiator flat sandals or to a black tie affair with tons of jewels and a topknot!" —Rachel Zoe, designer, stylist and Kaftan enthusiast.

The kaftan is an all-round winner in my books – and like I said, I know just the place to find a one of a kind kaftan for the silly season, Princess Bazaar. So many gorgeous colours and prints in store. Go on, be glamorous, treat yourself.

Princess Fahryn xoxo



22nd November 2013

Dear Diary,

It has come to my attention that an old trend is back on the market, and I don’t know if I can stomach it again. In case you haven’t realised fashion designers and tastemakers are trying to declare that Birkenstocks, the sandals, are back in fashion!

I thought these items of cork and leather ugliness had been put to rest, only subject to the German back packers and orthopaedic comfort, but apparently not!

Birkenstocks are now apparently the ‘hot’ item for spring because the likes of Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum have been spotted wearing them.

British fashion stylist Amy Morrison when talking about Birkenstocks says “There’s nothing better than a really pretty dress with ugly shoes.” Ah I’m sorry Amy, what are you smoking?! A really pretty dress and stylish shoes trump that idea any day!

And it gets worse; these awful, chunky, hobo looking sandals aren’t cheap either! You have to drop around $100 for ugly shoes! If you want ugly shoes you’re better off paying $10 for a pair of crocs*!

So I’m sorry Miranda, it looks like being dropped as a Victoria Secrets Model has warped your sense of fashion?!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

*Princess Fahryn doesn’t not encourage the purchase of Crocs.


8th November 2013

Dear Diary,

With the festive season upon us and Christmas only 7 weeks away I got to thinking about the art of gift giving. I believe that some people just have a knack for always picking the perfect gift! However, what I think is even better in the festive season is the people who regift! We all have that one friend who thinks it’s okay to ‘shop at home’ when it comes to presents.  

So, I got on the hunt for some regifting inspiration to see what people actually think is ok to pass onto their friends and colleagues knowing full well it has already had a life in their own home. I was in stiches reading what some people think is okay not only to regift but to give as a gift all together.

First cab off the rank was mixing bowls – honestly who would get excited about receiving preloved mixing bowls for Christmas? They would be scratched and have that ‘I’ve been through the dishwasher’ smell about them. If you were thinking of regifting your mixing bowls this Christmas I’d probably opt for something else! In fact, even if you were going to buy new mixing bowls as a present I would steer clear.

Next idea was candles… umm really? Surely they wouldn’t be already burnt candles because that is just stingy! I can see the appeal if maybe it was a lovely scented candle (think Glasshouse) but if I was to receive a plain, non-scented, dust collecting candle for Christmas the only home it would have would be the bin.

The next one is hilarious! Workshop tools…  Merry Christmas, here’s a spanner! Wow that has a nice ring to it! What a joke! I really don’t think I need to share my disgust in the idea of regifting tools.   

All in all from my research I have come to the conclusion that the only present you can regift is WINE! Everybody loves wine, wine brings people together, nobody knows it has been regifted – it is an all-round winner in my books.

So this Christmas when you’re feeling a little be stingy or just can’t manage to get to the shops look no further than your wine cabinet ;)

Princess Fahryn xoxo


1st November 2013

Dear Diary,

I may suffer a little paralysis by over-analysis, but simply getting dressed each morning means factoring in things like 'I'll be cold on the walk from my house to my car, but then I'll be hot when I get to the office' and, 'can I wear this top again? I think I wore it last Tuesday', and 'this outfit's too simple, MUST. COME. UP. WITH. SOMETHING. BETTER'.

The problem? An unplanned wardrobe; too many things that we don't wear and not enough of the things we do wear. The result? That confusing predicament where you have so much to choose from but nothing to wear!

That's why, from now on, I'm vowing to wear and invest in the things I know and love most – like leather. It's timeless, it can be worn again and again and it usually speaks for itself (minimal crazy creative styling required).

I'm editing my wardrobe down to great basics, beautiful leather pieces to mix-and-match and only a few seasonal impulse buys ('everything in moderation' is what they say, right?).

Princess Fahryn xoxo 


25th October 2013

Dear Diary,

Are the fashion rumours true? Are the tracky dacks back? Please tell me this is some sick joke!

If, like me, you're obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld and his ingenious (often outrageous) quotes, you've probably heard one of my personal favourites:

"Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants."

Undoubtedly, he's referring those incidents when celebrities hit rock bottom and the tabloids decide to kick 'em while they're down by posting photos of them with bad regrowth, sans make-up and sporting a pair of track pants.

But the recent wave of all things 'sporte luxe' has initiated a major turning point - track pants, track shorts and all forms of terry towelling are now socially acceptable on the street.

No, I'm not wearing track pants in this post - I haven't worked up the courage to go that far yet. But the point apparently is that it's time to wear your comfort clothes beyond closed doors. I really don’t know if I’ll be able to embrace this trend. I mean, it does have its advantages (number one being comfort) however I just don’t think I could brace the big wide world sporting a pair of tracky dacks.

I don’t care how many sequins or different shiny fabrics you use, track pants just cannot be classed up! They will forever be around the house clothes to me!

This one’s on you ladies!

Princess Fahryn xoxo


18th October 2013

Dear Diary,

I got to thinking about style icon’s today, am I a style icon? Who is my style icon? Who are other people’s style icons?

I know style is an expression of one’s taste and imagination and we gain inspiration from the world around but I was wondering, what puts you on the fashion map? To become a style icon should I take fashion risks or are am I more likely to gain respect if I am always looking polished and well presented?

Well Style Magazine have given us the top 10 fashion icons of today. But I’m not sure I agree with all of them. They suggest Michelle Obama (stunning, always), Kate Moss (well that’s a given), the Olsen twins (always looked like they just stepped out of bed), Sarah Jessica Parker (ahhh Carrie Bradshaw need I say more?!), Chloë Sevigny (for you edgy types), Lady Gaga (for you ridiculous types), Rachel Zoe (to quote her personally “BANANAS”, which is a good thing!), Daphne Guinness (all about the wow factor), Jennifer Lopez (all about the over the top factor) and Carine Roitfeld (yeah, I haven’t heard of her either)!

I think this proves that Style Magazine are missing some key fashion icons from their count down, but I do think they have got a few gems in there! My personal favourite from their list would be Sarah Jessica Parker, always a step ahead and pushing the envelope. She really can do no wrong in my eyes.

What do you think ladies? Who’s your style icon?

Princess Fahryn xoxo


11th October 2013

Dear diary,

As I was reading Vogue magazine online I was horrified to read the following headline 'why not to wear black at the beach this season!' I'm sorry, did that really just say what I think it said? This should be interesting!

I think I speak for most women when I say that you just can't go wrong with back! It really is such a perfect colour!

So as I read on Vogue gave me a few reasons as to why we should steer clear of this flattering and easy to wear colour. The first being, wear more bright colours as it shows off your tan more... The problem here being that I would have to have a tan first for it to be flaunted, so far not convinced.

Secondly, that pastels and prints are flattering on the figure. I mean, I do appreciate their alliteration however since when have pastels and prints been more flattering than one solid block of black?! I mean are they stupid?!

Finally, Vogue suggests to wear turquoise and other such colours to match in with the sea. Unfortunately I don't really want to blend in with a large body of water. In fact I think when any women goes to the beach the last thing she wants to do is look bigger especially the size of an ocean.

Vogue you have far from convinced me not the wear black at the beach this season! Black and I have had a very close relationship for many years now and I can't see that changing any time soon. Nice try though.

Princess Fahryn xoxo


4th October 2013

Dear Diary,

A pair of great sunglasses are an essential item for summer. Not only do they protect the eyes from the sun and prevent squint wrinkles as you get older (nobody wants those...), but they're a quick fix to stay looking stylish no matter what state you're in. Three classic shapes that will never go out of style are the Aviator, Wayfarer and Cat-eye.

Aviators are just so cool and sexy regardless of if you’re a Victoria Secret’s model or not. Gold rims with dark lenses, this style radiates class and glamour. You instantly feel like you're jetting off on an island getaway when you throw a pair of these on. Worn perfectly with a feminine yet minimal style of clothing like camis, tees, jeans or summer dresses.

Another favourite are the Ray Ban Wayfarers. This style of shade radiates effortless cool and street chic. They're a perfect style to wear with an all-black outfit, but as with all black shades will work with anything you've got. The blues brothers are cool ladies and gentlemen.

Lastly, a pair of cat-eye shades and personally my favourite. Oh so lady like and chic! You can’t go wrong with this style. So feminie and flirty, perfect for any occasion dressed up or down they add another dimension to any outfit.

So remember that forgotten accessory is quiet helpful and stylish this summer. To hide your not so fresh Sunday morning face or to add an extra element to your already stylish outsit… pick your favourite or mix it up, sunglasses are a good time!

Princess Fahryn xoxo


1st October 2013

Dear Diary,

To quote the witty Heidi Klum, "one day you're in and the next day you're out!"

Aside from being a cliche phrase, we can't deny that in the world of fashion it's absolutely true. What's on trend one minute is a complete taboo the next.

We all remember Spring 2010 when clogs suddenly became the go-to shoe and just as quickly were being snatched from our feet by the fashion police! Much to my dismay, they went out almost as fast they stormed in. Apparently the stylishly inclined weren't won over by the easy breezy, comfy little treats for long. Sure they're not the sexiest shoe in town but we've seen how clogs can be made fabulous.

I have a near and dear pair of my own and it would be nice to strut around in them without the fear of being judged. For all the cloggers out there, our single wish may be a reality because word on the runway is the "cult classic" of footwear is back on trend. Could this be too good to be true?

Not only have clogs been spotted in spring 2013 collections, but they've been all the buzz as fall must-wears and some of our favourite celebs have been seen wearing them. The "official" verdict has yet to be rendered on whether or not the underdogs are in fact "back", but I'm giving myself permission to go nuts!

Clog on ladies!

Princess Fahryn xoxo


27th September 2013

Dear Diary,

Not too long ago, the red carpet was a fashion lover’s field day. It was a bit like fashion week – the world’s most exclusive designer clothes, modelled on the world’s most gorgeous bodies – but all the better for the injection of personality and inter-celeb competition that comes with the A-list circuit.

But in the past couple of years, red carpet fashion has become more and more dull, characterised by a sea of boring strapless, fishtail gowns, accompanied with an expensive, glossy blow dry.

It seems that the fear of featuring on a ‘worst dressed’ list has totally consumed the average A-lister, meaning that they’d rather choose ‘classic Hollywood’ (read boring and safe) over anything remotely imaginative.

The increasing numbers of social media platforms and blogs proclaiming red carpet ‘hits and misses’, probably doesn’t help either.

There are more chances to be labelled ‘worst dressed’ than ever before and one so-called ‘miss’ or as we like the call it Dashion can spread like wild fire and then live permanently on the web.

This means that now, when you look at an event like the Emmys, the red carpet hardly even mirrors the trends that are happening on the catwalk.

So much so, that I loathe to even call it red carpet ‘fashion’ since there is not much fashion about it. In fact, the only celebrity from the Emmys that I think both looked beautiful and on-trend was Rose Byrne, channeling both the colour of the season (pink), a hint of midriff and a nod to minimalism. Tick, tick and tick!

Also, one to watch – not only because she looked fab but also seems to have fun on the red carpet – is Kiernan Shipka (aka Sally Draper from Mad Men).  She may only be 13 but she’s wise beyond her years when it comes to doing red carpet dressing with actual personality. Go Kiernan! Teach those risk-adverse twenty somethings a thing or two.

Princess Fahryn xoxo


20th September 2013

Dear Diary,

This week I have become quite restless with the lack of imagination spring fashion has to offer. I thought for my own amusement I would research some of this season’s hottest trends and well I just had to share this with you all.

Accordingly the Glamour Magazine these are some of this seasons ‘most wearable’ fashions.

Firstly they call them the ‘Bermuda shorts’ whatever that means?! And let’s just say they look like you have raided your man’s wardrobe and found the daggiest and baggiest short long’s or long short’s and attempted to make them look good… sister, they will never look good. Not even on your boyfriend. My advice to you Glamour Magazine is to burn all of these “Bermuda shorts” and never feature them in your magazine again!

Second on their most wearable list is black and white! Ground breaking! Who would have thought in 2013 black and white would be fashionable?! I mean, it’s only been in fashion for like, forever!

Another trend that I think Glamour Magazine have got all wrong is the low heel! I hate to break it to you, but low heels or kitten heels are the devil! They just look out of place and stupid! You look much better, fashionable and stable wearing flats and if you want to wear a heel wear a proper heel! In the wise words of Christian Louboutin “The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just done have” so use it to your advantage ladies!

I think it’s fair to say that Glamour Magazine has got it wrong – or maybe I have? You be the judge of that.

Princess Fahryn xoxo


6th September 2013

Dear Diary,

So I just thought I’d share with you what I am absolutely frothing over in store at the moment and two brands come to mind, DuSud and Ana Alcazar.

Their prints, fabrics and overall design this season is lush! From green animal print kaftans to floral silk tunics, these brands have got it spot on for spring 2013. They also cater to a wide range of body types, the kaftans are suited to those slightly larger or those who are tall and thin, with the tunics and shift dresses for those with a little tummy action or those who are vertically challenged, they really can do no wrong in my eyes.

These dresses are perfect for spring garden parties, weekends with your girls or if you’re like me, just because! I think every girl not only deserves to have a DuSud or Ana Alcazar dress in their wardrobe but they NEED one! So many bright colours, so many delicious fabrics they are a staple this spring and like I said last week, a bright coloured lipstick would do wonders to bring the outfit together!

And the best part, the price tag isn’t horrific!

So do yourself a favour ladies, and check out the beautiful new ranges in store.

Tell Lisa Princess Fahryn sent you ;)

Princess Fahryn xoxo

















































30th August 2013

Dear Diary,

This week I thought I’d share with you what I am crushing on for this spring! My number one must have is bright coloured lipstick. I’m talking bright red, fuchsia and a pop of orange! Lipstick really is the perfect accessory for this fun and flirty season!

I mean, lipstick is not only the mood booster of your makeup bag but also for your outfit. No other single accessory can change your entire mood as quickly and easily as a lipstick can. And the best part?! It is just so darn fast and simple to apply (that is of course, if you don’t manage to get it on your teeth).

Ultimately, lipsticks are inexpensive, yet quality accessories. You should invest in them and make sure you have more than two in your make up bag! A variety of colours at the ready can do wonders J

Lipstick will also help break daily ruts! Trust me when I say, it’s perfectly ok to go to work, or even the grocery store, sporting a different look each day. It shows your versatility as the fashionable woman you know you are. I would never want you to be in fear or hold back on yourself over $20.

So, if your gut tells you that you want to be adventurous and try that new colour, don’t hold back, go for it. Go and find your perfect shade or go and try a completely different colour than you usually wear! Spring is all about change and new life so go and recreate yourself!

Princess Fahryn xoxo



16th August 2013

Dear Diary,

With all the brand new amazingly stunning Zoda Accessories that have just dropped at Princess Bazaar Headquarters I couldn’t help myself but to share with everyone some of me accessory how to’s.

There’s nothing quite like ruining a perfect outfit with the wrong accessories. Finding the right accessories can be tricky; I mean they really do pull a look together. Yet so many of us forget to put as much thought into accessorizing our outfit as we do into the clothing itself. I would say that’s due to fashion laziness or it's because accessorizing can be hard, and we figure it's better to go without than to look ridiculous.

However, it is really very easy ladies. Look for simple, neutral, monotone accessories for areas you don't want to accentuate, think black, navy or tan. And then for the areas you wish to show off a little more, go for the embellished, colourful statement pieces. It’s always important to keep in mind, less is more when accessorizing and of course you have to be aware of your current outfit. You don’t want to walk out of the house looking like a Christmas tree!

The beautiful new arrivals from Zoda really are to die for! Think bright, Spanish, colourful, beaded goddess! There is something for everyone or if you’re feeling generous it would make the perfect gift!

Come and stick your head in the door and see for yourself, I dare you!

Princess Fahryn xoxo


9th August 2013

Dear diary,

I feel I have been too nice and helpful of late, sharing with people my wardrobe tips and tricks or just complementing fashion at the moment; I think this has to change!

This week I have been tearing my hair out asking myself how some people walk out of the house looking like they do! Yes I am referring to those people that think they got away with going to woollies to grab the milk in there track pants, you weren’t as stealth as you thought, I saw you!

Also those girls that are just wearing far too little clothing for the cold temperatures the Hunter has been delivering of late. And those people that just flat out can’t dress themselves, it’s not that hard - read my blog and get some tips!!

I thought I would share with you some of the trends that I really want to see buried and never return to the fashion world. Ever.

Firstly, Socks with heels. Oh, come on now. How could this ever stop reminding us of Dorothy and her ruby slippers? If you want your legs to look long (and who doesn't?), there's no reason to truncate them with socks, booties or other foot wear that will emphasize your knees, thighs or your overall weight. I’m thinking that even amazons, ballerinas and long-distance runners with great legs will avoid this one. Give it a miss ladies!

Also, cut out dresses. Peek-a-boo fashions have been around forever, but the goal is to come up with an attractive way to remove a portion of a garment to leave a tantalizing bit of skin showing, not construct a garment to look like you ran out of fabric, decided to tan yourself in decorative wedges or were too lazy to buy a pattern. It’s just not on!

Finally, layered statement jewellery. Accessories are designed to enhance your look, not obscure it. Where layered statement jewellery can create a focal point if you keep everything else simple, overdo it, and you'll look like a garage sale fashionista with more closet space than common sense. When layering jewellery or anything else, if you think it may be too much, it probably is.

So ladies, just keep it simple and rug up!! Rant over!

Princess Fahryn xoxo


2nd August 2013

Dear Diary,

I read an interesting article this week stating that Facebook inspires style decisions for 56% of the fashion world. And it got me to thinking – how influential is social media not only on our lives but on what we wear?

A few months ago when Lisa and I put our heads together and decided that we wanted a stronger online presence the main goal was to expose the Princess Bazaar brand, not to dictate to ladies what to wear every day.  But the more I think about it the more I realise that, that’s exactly what we are doing. Between our blog, twitter, website and facebook page Princess Bazaar is providing and online wardrobe for women, and the best part, you can go and purchase the clothes in store!

I know I am victim to social media predicting what I am going to wear. Following the trends of celebrities and other fashion icons on social media helps me determine what I team my favourite pair of jeans with or how I am going to tie my scarf that day, these little influences we don’t even notice but have such a strong impact on our everyday fashion decisions.

I suppose my next question is, how influenced are you? Do you look to what other people say and do on social media to influence how you style yourself or do you march to the beat of your own drum and wear the same clothes and styles that you always have? It’s crazy to think that just from posting a “selfie” you can influence someone else’s wardrobe decisions!

A photo really does speak a thousand words!

Princess Fahryn xoxo


26th July 2013

Dear Diary,

It is important with fashion to always be prepared so I thought I would give you ladies a little sneak preview into what to expect for 2014. I know, it’s scary to think about but it is just around the corner!

60’s baby, yeah!
While the 60’s have been a popular expression for the past few seasons, we have never seen it appear so graphic with such a strict monochromatic palette. In keeping with traditional silhouettes of the favored era, boxy and shift dress shapes emerge.

Arabian nights
Recent ethnic inspirations have included a little Orient as with a much more diverse pop culture influence. 2014 keys into the exotic lands of Morocco and India, think rich materials and heavy embellished details. Main pieces include tunics and taking a modern twist on the structured favorites, like blazers.

Grown up grunge

I touched on this the other week, about how the 90’s are back! Well they are hanging around for a little longer too. People are trying to glam up the grunge, think cigarette pants in a variety of patterns and lots of metals.

Other obvious trends for 2014 are prints, lots of prints! Colour, the bolder the better! And texture not only with fabrics but with mixing prints!

So ladies, you can’t blame me for not keeping up with the fashions because I have given you ample time to get your wardrobe up to scratch!

Princess Fahryn xoxo


19th July 2013

Dear Diary,

With formal season right around the corner and our beautiful new formal dress arrivals at Princess Bazaar Headquarters, I thought it only fitting to give some insight into how to pick the perfect formal dress. Yes, every woman wants to find a dress that has the ‘WOW’ factor and make people turn heads, but it’s easier said than done.

You might now be thinking, I’m not 6 foot, size 8 and look like Miranda Kerr, well I’ve got news for you! You can look just as good, if not better than a supermodel with the right knowledge about what looks good on your body type!

Firstly, you need to know your strengths, not pick out your flaws (this won’t help anyone’s self-esteem when shopping). If your upper body is significantly smaller than your lower body choose dresses with a sash around the middle this will emphasize your small waist and combined with a fuller skirt will balance your overall shape. You want to dress accentuate your strengths and flatter your weaknesses.

However on the flip side, people whose top half is noticeably bigger than their bottom half should avoid accentuating the waist line; instead opt for a style high under the bust complimenting your best feature. Full skirt dropping from under the bust will proportion you evenly.

Woman with broader shoulders and a small waist should dress to show off their best feature being the overall skeleton (the body itself) picking styles that are tight fitting and slinky will compliment best.

Next you have to think about colour, and this is a bigger component than people give credit. The colour of a dress can affect how the style looks dramatically, so be sure to try out a few different colours before deciding, and if in doubt everyone looks fabulous in black!

So how do you pick a flattering colour? It’s all about skin tone! Traditionally skin tones are broken into two categories warm tones and cool tones, if you are unsure of where you fit try holding white fabric or a piece of white paper up near your face, if it shows your skin tone to have a pink or rosy undertone you are considered part of the cool colour family, your colours include but are not limited to blues, greens and purples in various shades.

However if your skin reveals a yellowish, Beige or Brown undertones you are considered to have a warm complexion. The colours best suited to you are earthy tones including, but again not limited to reds, yellows, oranges and browns.

With the right combination of style and colour, balancing your frame and picking a colour to suit, you will enhance your best features and flatter your shape. But above all, you must feel comfortable in the dress because nothing is sexier than confidence.

I hope this has given a few of you ladies who might be tackling the dreaded formal dress shopping season a heads up on what looks good on you. And of course if you still aren’t quite sure what looks good, head down to Princess Bazaar where the girls are more than happy to style you from head to toe with some of the best formal dress selection in the Hunter.

Princess Fahryn xoxo


12th July 2013

Dear Diary,

As it gets colder in Australia and I drool over all the winter European fashions to come. I think I am in need of some fashion advice myself.

I have always wondered what people’s opinions are on fur. Is it OK to wear real fur when we are out and about town or at a fashion event? Or is faux fur the safe way to go in case of a paint attack.

I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than your Nana’s vintage fur coat that stinks like mothballs but looks oh-so-fine on with a pair of oversized sunglasses. I think the small chance of a paint thrower scares me so much that I have never worn a real fur coat, but should this be the case?

Should I just wear the darn luxuriously amazing fur coat that fits like a glove and makes me look super famous? Or should I just admire them from the sidelines?  I know our very own Lisa has the most amazing ostrich feather bolero that she quite regularly wears and she to my knowledge has never been target of a paint attack. Maybe I should just man up and join her?

What do you think ladies? Is the fur topic too touchy? Should I just fake till I make it? Or should I silence my paint attack fears and embrace the stunning, deliciously cosy statement piece of clothing?

Princess Fahryn xoxo


5th July 2013

Dear diary,

They're back baby! and it had to happen eventually – you wait long enough and everything comes back in style. But while some may regret the return of the 1990s (was it really that long ago?!), the fashion world is reviving it wholeheartedly. New takes on grunge, bodycon, minimalism and other big looks from the decade are taking over the street style scene today.

There was a lot of interesting counter culture in the ’90s. Ravers, Goths and the grunge look – it was all very visual. It makes sense that designers would look to this era for inspiration now.

But pulling off the look in the new millennium requires a modern update. Layering is a great way to achieve the grunge look, because you can mix in more sophisticated pieces, like the tube skirt or sheer long sleeve top.

Key pieces to add to your closet now and get onboard this 90’s look are a basic slip dress and a pair of Dr. Martens boots (for those who are committed). Mixing and matching with items already in your wardrobe will help to keep the look au courant.

In terms of beauty, the driving aesthetic of the ’90s was minimalistic – remember those CK One ads with Kate Moss? But while this look is low-maintenance, it can be tricky to pull off without looking like you just rolled out of bed. It’s important to have a great haircut, so even if you’re going for that undone look, you won’t ever look sloppy. When it comes to makeup, the key to achieving the natural look is a good foundation to smooth out your skin tone and a volumizing mascara to make your eyes pop.

But most importantly, incorporating the trends from the 1990s is all about making them your own; wear them as an extension of your personal style to keep it fresh, fun and relaxed.

Embrace the 90’s ladies – I dare you!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

30th June 2013

Dear diary,

This week has left me puzzling one of shoppings biggest questions to date, online or in store?

It seems with the ever changing and advancing technologies of today's society, simple pleasures like spending a day shopping with your girlfriends is now being replaced with online shopping during your lunch break. So I have gotten to wondering if this new online shopping craze is worth it?

Yes, i can see the convenience of online shopping, doing it from the comfort of bed on a sunday morning, not having to push through crowds and free home delivery but correct me if I'm wrong, I still would much rather try on my purchase, seek advice from the helpful sales assistant, establish a relationship with a favourite boutique or designer and then leave the store knowing that i have the perfect purchase.

As opposed to online shopping where you have to guess what the garment actually looks like, pray that it fits you like the model and keep your fingers crossed that your credit card details don't get stolen by online scammers. I can appreciate looking at fashion websites and latest trends to gain ideas but to actually purchase the garments without seeing or touching them first doesn't appeal to me at all. 

It seems like a no brainer to me, you might think I'm old fashioned but I don't think that face to face retail will ever die! I can't imagine any women liking the idea of shopping for her wedding dress online and miss out on one of those cliche mother daughter moments. Online shopping is just way too impersonal, and for someone who believes fashion is a personal expression of mood, taste and art I don't enjoy the idea of this online shopping frenzy at all.

Princess Fahryn xoxo

21st June 2013

No long hair-or short skirts-after 40? No horizontal stripes? No sequins during the daytime? No, thank you! It's time to stop thinking of fashion in terms of the 10 Commandments, and start thinking in terms of the Golden Rule.

It's not about should I wear it, it's about, does it look flattering on me?

After 40 you absolutely can wear your hair long, or super short, or whatever style flatters your face. The problem is when you date yourself with a style or a non-style, it actually ages you instead of making you look youthful. And you can most definitely wear short skirts after 40, I mean not too short so everyone can see your 'Brittany' no one wants to see that any age be it 21 or 51, but a respectable above the knee length is more than okay.

I might run through some other fashion dictations I think to be a joke! Blue and green can never be seen without a colour in between, this is a load of croc! If it’s the right shade of both colours then I say wear it! I’m not saying walk out of the house in Christmas green and cobalt blue, but a tasteful shade of both green and blue can most definitely been seen next to one another! 

Only gold or silver jewellery, well I can say for a fact that this rule can be broken! And I break it daily! It is actually in fashion at the moment to mix metals and I think that’s great! We don’t want to discriminate ladies!

Do not mix prints and patterns, I laugh at this one! I mean all I have to say is Boo Radley, Desigual and Funkibeat! These are three of our most loved and favourite labels at Princess Bazaar that are on the racks and are in fashion right now all around the world and all three of these labels mix prints, patterns, textures, you name it!

Do not wear one colour from head to toe – well I don’t mean to repeat myself but we all know how I feel about black! Is there any better colour? I regularly walk out of the house wearing all black. I don’t think Morticia Addams is the only lady who can pull off one colour all over!

And finally, hats are only for bad hair days, lie! This rule is ridiculous; last week’s blog demonstrated the love a certain Princess Bazaar lady has for her beret, our Lisa! Lisa is a prime example as to why this rule can go in the bin! It is up to personal taste, facial structure and season as to if a hat is a good choice or not. Limiting hats to only bad hair days seems a little unfair! Hats are an amazing accessory and in my opinion are not worn enough.

So in conclusion, I think it is safe to say ladies that rules are there to be broken, especially in the fashion world! I have never liked rules and I’m not going to start following them now!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

14th June 2013

Dear Diary, 

Lisa shared something pretty hilarious with me today- as she was late to work yet again because... She has nothing to wear.

5 different towns, 5 different shop fronts, 10 years running one of the most fabulous boutiques in the hunter and the lady behind all of this has nothing to wear?!  I find that very hard to believe!

Apparently it happens to the best of us! Like everyone else Lisa has her favourite pieces, yes you know what I'm talking about, the beret, the black, the boots! But, tracky dacks and uggs boots do make the occasional appearance. She is only human.

Regardless of the fact she thinks she has nothing to wear, she did look fabulous! And no doubt it was because she has amazing taste, extensive wardrobe and the eye for a killer outfit! Lisa really can make something from nothing. 

So ladies if you are struggling to put together your outfit in the morning and you are looking for some Lisa inspiration look to your favourites.

Or just go and buy yourself a beret and a pair of boots?

Princess Fahryn xoxo

June 7th 2013

Dear Diary,

Beauty is pain, so suck it up ladies! 

 We women go to great lengths to look good all year round weather we are pouring hot wax on our skin only to rip it off or if we are trying to squeeze our size 12 body into a size 8 dress, no pain no gain. 

We spend thousands of dollars on beauty products, hairdressers, beauticians and clothes. We spend hours applying our makeup, finding the perfect colour match, blow drying our hair just to look half decent. And is it all worth it? We say yes! It is the price we pay to look fabulous. 

I know at some point in our lifetime we women do whinge about how much time, money and pain beauty costs but I think that all women secretly love it. You can't tell me that you don't enjoy a day spent shopping with the ladies, getting a mani pedi or going to the hairdressers. Unfortunately we do have to go through the pain of waxing, high heels and spanx but when someone stops you in the street to give you a compliment all the blood sweat and tears instantly disappears!

Like the fabulous Christian Louboutin once said " I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say oh my god, they look so comfortable".

Princess Fahryn xoxo

31st May 2013

Dear Diary,

After  working with various walks of life, different fashions in cities all over the world I have come to the conclusion that people are afraid of fashion. 

Sticking to what they have worn for the majority of their lives, not experimenting with different fabrics and embracing new cuts and styles they don't even know it but they are missing out on all of the fun. Fashion is an art form and most masterpieces are created out of experiment or by accident. You should never colour between the lines when it comes to fashion. 

So why is everyone so afraid? We determine what looks good on our body types, we decide what we put on in the morning, so why not shake it up and step out of your comfort zone? You might just like it!

Adding a new scarf or hat to your wardrobe is a small yet effective way to mix things up. Go and purchase a different colour or textured garment. It is the little things that count and you will be surprised how much you enjoy the change! 

They say change is as good as a holiday so here it is ladies, your holiday leave has been granted from Princess Bazaar - so and treat yourself to a fashion risk! I dare you! 

Princess Fahryn xoxo

24th May 2013

 Dear Diary,

Help!!! I have nothing to wear, no inspiration and nothing to write about…accept letting you all know that I hate high heeled ugg boots. Looking for inspiration, flipping through a fashion mag – look at this, how to wear a blazer?  DER, just put it on.  On the following page, how to wear the winter coat? Need I repeat myself ladies?! It is becoming apparent to me that not even the fashion magazines know what they’re talking about. Back to that age old question, fashion?

In the wise words of David Bowie…

Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Right. Fashion! We are the goon squad and we're coming to town. Beep-beep.

That’s right, what does it mean?

Princess Fahryn xoxo

17th May 2013

Dear Diary,

This week we are getting back to basics, stripping back our wardrobe and looking for the essentials. At all times every girl should have her staple garments at the ready. From her comfy jeans to her simple slip dress.

However, all essentials should have three things the perfect fit, colour and fabric.

It is paramount that your wardrobe basics are black, white or honey. These shades are perfect for layering, blending and of course are flattering. Having these compatible colours on hand in your wardrobe will make getting dressed so much easier. Black being my shade choice, once you go black you never go back!

It is important that they fit you comfortably, as you will need to wear them most days of the week. Making sure your basics cling in all the right spots and drape over those problem areas, nobody wants a camel toe. When shopping I always have the motto "as long as you feel comfortable", I am strong believer that if you don’t feel comfortable in the outfit/garment you won’t wear it. I think it's safe to say that we all have that fabulous dress in our wardrobe that seemed like a good idea at the time but...

And finally fabric, this is more important than most ladies think. It has to have the perfect combination of stretch and breathability or if you're Lisa it has to be velvet. As these garments are used for layering a lot of the time they need to breath and move with your body, the nicer the fabric the nicer the fit and the nicer the fit, the nicer you feel! It's a win - win ladies!

So, in short all ladies should have a tube skirt (remember the 80"s), leggings, a black mesh top and a long sleeved back slip. I bet you're now all thinking where do I find such essential garments? Well look no further than your Princess Bazaar with these basics starting from $29.95. 

Princess Fahryn xoxo

9th May 2013 

What a morning we have just had here at Princess Bazaar headquarters.  We've seen the most exciting range of jewellery since before Noah was a boy. All things vintage, exotic and Napoleonic.

Direct from Hollywood, these new wonders are a must have for all Princesses. It really is very easy to get carried away when such beautiful, different and one of a kind pieces are on offer for us, however we have selected the best of the best for our Bazaar ladies.

This unreal new stock should be landing in store within the next couple of weeks and boy are we excited! From precious high end pieces to everyday wear this range really does have something for everyone! 

Princess Fahryn xoxo

3rd May 2013

Dear Diary,

After seeing the dress code of the girls attending Groovin The Moo, watching reality stars on television and reading the fashion highlights in magazines, this  week I have been pondering one of life's big questions - what is fashion?

I am a big advocate for "if you've got it flaunt it" however, I appreciate a little to be left to the imagination. Some how the fashions of today seem to have been placed in the clothes dryer and have shrunk to one third of the size. 

From bad Daisy Duke shorts, crop tops and cut out dresses girls seem to be wearing less and less fabric. In this instance less isn't more, less is far less. I appreciate that the girls and women wearing these fashions have got the figure and assets to pull it off but just because you can, doesn't mean you should. You don't want to give away the ending in the opening credits. 

Fashion should be an expression of your emotions, style and what suits your body type. Don't follow fashions and what people tell you is in fashion, create your own personal style, define yourself on the fashion map and put your most stylish foot forward. It is okay to cover up, especially now that we have hit the colder months of the year! 

Remember Princesses fashions come and go, but style is forever. 

Princess Fahryn xoxo 

26th April 2013 

Dear Diary,

Word of the week: Dashion, meaning fashion don't.

Dashions are seen and praised in fashion magazines way too often for my liking. Yes fashion is a personal expression of style, art and taste but regardless of who you are there are just some things that should never be seen or worn.

Everyone in their time has been a dashion offender I'm sure however, I just want to run through a short list of dashions.  

1. Ugg boots as shoes. Please note ladies, ugg boots are slippers and are not, under any circumstance to leave the house. 

2. Leggings are not pants. Leggings are just that, leggings.

3. I know we are coming into the colder part of the year however, it is not okay to wear socks with crocs or socks with any other summer footwear for that matter. 

4. White shoes. Dashion.

5. Invisible bra straps are not invisible. Yes, we can see the plastic strap as it uncomfrtably cuts into your sholder. Please invest in a good strapless bra, it will be the best thing you do.

So remember Princesses just because it's in 'Instyle' doesn't mean it's in style!

Princess Fahryn xoxo

22nd March 2013

Well, it's happened again - there's that question "What's in fashion for Winter?"  How would I know, I seriously
only pick things that I Like.  Mind you, having said that, I am already viewing collections from Europe for Winter 14.
My rule is that "It has to make you feel good." Long gone are the days when I used to totter around on ridiculously
high stilettoes.  By God they looked good, but... by the end of the day, week, races, party, night club Ahhh the agony. Last
night whilst grocery shopping I spied a very young girl in said shoes and very short shorts (Daisy Duke would
have been so proud) and I thought to myself "RIDICULOUS" but to be truthful, there was the teeniest bit of envy, ha I
congratulated myself in my seriously high jewelled wedges, I was at least comfortablish. But, coming back to the original
question "what is in for Winter?"  Well, according to the very last Grazia Big Fash Finale, there is a lot to think about.  The
first key trend is "Night Garden, where blooms have gone to the dark side", and looking around my shop, yes, I could
agree here a little - latest range from Funky Beat could tick this box and for mothers reading this with small children, please note, there is a tiny bit of Upsy Daisy lurking here.  Trend 2 - Motocross, I don't even want to talk about his one, it's has daggy grey gym pants, PLEASE.  Trend 3 - Black and White - well as always, we have loads of black, not much white though. Trend 4 - Head to Tonal, big fat yuk, Trend 5 - Intergalactic, now beam me up Scotty - yes, who would have thought,  brand new Polish label Ana Alcazar right on trend (so that's 2.5 on trend).  Trend 6 - Go Baroque, As if this is a trend, this is just us, ever day, always has been, always will be (3.5 on trend). Trend 7 - Fine Wine, I could stretch it because I like the colour, it would be fair to say yes, we have touches here and there. (4 on trend). And finally Trend 8 New Nomad - Bohemian get a reboot, well! look no further, this is us to a T and a final score of 5/8.  So yep! we are, I hate to admit on trend and in fashion - and I thought that I just picked things that I liked! 

16th March 2013

So here we are, we have a sensational winter collection.  Ana Alcazar has arrived from Poland and it is so on trend that
it's scary - the smoochiest, sexiest, cleverest dresses ever.  We have a beautiful assortment of Winter coates in lots of
colours and lots of prints - now all we need is some seriously cold weather.  Next week we will have our latest collection
from Spain, the highly anticipated Savage Culture, closely followed by the colour sensation which is Global Beat.  As
always new things every week.

28 February 2013

Dear Diary,

Well it's all happening at Princess Bazaar this week - Pause Cafe arrived on Tuesday and it is sensational, the fit is
to be applauded with many items sized to an 18 which is wonderful news, lots and lots of colours, beautiful skirts, shirts,
dresses, tunics and jackets all absolutely perfect for our winter climate. Boo Radley second winter the "Rumours" collection arrived late Wednesday and we are now a little bit short of space but... we shall make sure that there is plenty of room for what is set to be one of Boo Radleys best collections ever - I promise that there is something for everyone, and the colours are wonderful not just black, but hints of purple and khaki - now all we need is some cold weather because, winter is my favourite time of the year and this winter promises everything.

22 February 2013

Dear Diary

It's all happening, Winter, bring it on!  One word - "Desigual", this is AMAZING.  It's bold, it's bright, it's sooo different
that I know you will love it, there are even pieces designed by M Lacroix - this is pure bliss, but you had better get in quick.  Boo Radley has hit winter running with their 21st Century Romance Collection - really, really wearable, fab coats, fab tunics, great layering pieces.  My favourite is the black butterfly tunic - which incidently I am going to wear today
because I have been waiting and waiting and now the time is just right.  Have just been on the phone and new label
Pause Cafe will be in next week as will the second Boo Radley winter collection and then wait for it.... Savage Culture
will be here on or around the 4th March - straight from Barcelona, straight to little downtown Morpeth.

22nd November 2012

Dear Diary

Yes, I am still bad and still really busy getting everything ready for Christmas which as of today is only 34 more days away.  We do have the perfect Christmas day dress's available and starting at $89 (we have been getting new styles every
week to keep up with demand) they have been literally running out the door - we have lots of pretty tops to go back with
your favourite pants and skirts and are just about to receive a new range of cotton dresses and skirts any day now - our
new favourite thing is anything from David House and their longer line shirts have been outstanding and their maxi dresses
perfect as they can take you from day to evening which just a flick of a heel.  A new range of Sybella pearls have just
arrived and make the best christmas gifts for those who are both special and a little difficult to buy for.  We are also
waiting on a new delivery of the best cocktail frocks in the history of the work and starting at $139 it's not hard to see why.  Sooo much to do and so little time to do it in, working my fingers to the bone.  What are the key trends at the moment - well according to my favourite site in the whole world, net a porter, trend no1 is military - love, love, love this but trend
no2 really has my attention - Gothic Glamour, obviously it's all black but there is this one amazing dress by Alberta
Ferretti at approx $4,500 it is truly beautiful but... we have dresses that are really similar for $299 - I love my work. Gold
boots will be fashionable again come next winter - scary but true and yes I already have a pair, red is a favourite colour
for all things from cocktail frocks, to clutches to looooonnngggg gloves, velvet is going to be huge again, a big three
cheers for this one and Victoriana jewellery will be everywhere - I am in Heaven.  Oh, did I mention fabulously OTT
printed pants are everywhere, bring it on.

19th October 2012

Dear Diary

Yes I'm bad, I know that it has been more than a month, but... I've been really, really busy.  What I can say, however is
we have tons of colour - strange for me because I only like black, but - I cannot go past a good Kaftan and we have lots.
Beautiful silks, hand beaded, pure cottons and printed rayons starting at $65.00 and sizes from 8 to 18.  We have also
just received a new Boo Radley collection which is moving quickly and we have some fab new cocktail / evening / race
day dresses priced to run out the door.  The website collection pages are reasonably updated but what you can't see on
line are our fabulous crochet and lace pieces and we have lots of lace and pretties.  Over all I would say a very good
collection with something for everyone.  Don't forget to check out our special offers for October.

9th September 2012

Dear Diary

It's all about the LBD.  I must put my hand up and be totally responsible - afterall I am the one doing the buying.  Without
realising, I have selected about 12 different versions of the little black dress.  It was not apparent until lots of ladies
were coming in for formal wear, when the light bulb in my head went off and all I was really showing them were LBD's.
Now, there is a very good reason, anyone who knows me would realise that in my world there is no other colour - black
rules!  Black, when worn correctly is always elegant, is perfect for "curvy" days, can be a little mysterious, is always
cool (in a fashion sense not temperature wise), is very easy to accessorise and when you get it right, it will be your friend
for life.  In the words of Karl Largerfeld "One is never over dressed or underdressed in a Little Black Dress" or better
still "Really, they are all so badly dressed, I will put them all in black to teach them good taste." Coco Chanel.  So ladies,
look no further - I am right, it's the Little Black Dress this season and we have them starting at $99 

1st September

Dear Diary

It's been a while and so much has happened, lots and lots of beautiful new things.  Where to start, we are very pleased to
boast about our new selection of evening dresses perfect for race days, or cocktail parties, or dinners on cruise ships or birthday parties or school graduation nights or just looking better than everyone else.  We have tons of pretty tunics perfect for those cool summer days, lots of long flowy maxi dresses with matching wraps, lots of Boo Radley, tons and
tons of new costume jewellery, infact we have things for just about any and every occasion.   

9th August

Dear Diary

OMG - we have just received the hugest Boo order ever... lots and lots of vibrant colours, this is a totally eclectic
mix.  We are loving the "ORANGE" available in shirts and on skirts and in tunics, lots of navy blue and spots, spots who would have thought but it works beautifully, there is an exceptional silver/grey tunic with matching leggins - and yes,
dare I say it,we have 3/4 leggins in silver, navy, black and ahhh white.  There is a smidge of lime green but definitely
no flouro - my favourite thing is the "Crush on you" Frill shirt available in black, orange and silver/grey it will be my
new wardrobe staple.  I would also like to mention our newest label "Alessi" really clever tunics absolutely perfect for
now and will take you right through to summer.  We will try to get some images up asap.

4th August 2012

Dear Diary

Did I mention that we've just received our first Dusud Spring delivery - it is devine, their black & white pants are awesome, if I had paid attention to some of my earlier diary entries, I would have realised that I really am clever
because black & white really is in and we told you so.  In fact the Dusud black frill shirt is beautiful, their floor length
rose/alligator/leopard gown is stunning, there is a fabulous mustard silk cocktail dress and an ethnic inspired silk shirt.
We are waiting on images - I promise, as soon as we have them, we will share.
All of the key trends addressed ie: black & white, animal print, ethnic, now if we could just find some bling... We have also just received our first drop of Spring
dresses that offer the absolute best drape and starting at $89 they are a great season starter.  New things arriving
weekly - if we could just keep the photo's up to date...

28th July 2012

Dear Diary

I am so pleased that we have had our first "Spring" arrivals - they look wonderful under big coats teemed with a trendy
"skivvy" - what are the fashion people thinking?  It's cold, not just a little bit cold, it's really, really cold and whilst
the spaghetti strap hand beaded pink and blue beaded dress is beautiful is just doesn't go with a "skivvy".  The most
important news is that.... we have been in Sydney at the fashion Agency's buying for next Summer.  Yep, not this
Summer, next Summer and OMG all I've got to say is bring it on - but we want it now! We cannot give away too many
secrets but - we have awesomeness from Poland, Holland, Spain, Italy and France, especially Poland - who would have
thought.  Anyway, back to today - we have had to do a little reorder on the new season Boo Radley as a handfull of styles have sold out already and we will receive another Boo Radley drop in a couple of weeks.  We are also eagerly waiting
our new season Dusud and Circus Roadshow, hopefully, not to long now and oops nearly forgot, another new label will
be arriving next week.  We still have lots of groovy tunics and even a splash of colour, who would have thought, black
will always be my favourite but, I do love a little orange.  Stop press - just scrolling through my favourite website
net-a-porter when I cannot believe my eyes, the perfect adornment for any outfit, the Mulberry tiger-intarsia angora
blend beenie and what a bargain at around $240, you have got to be joking, I wish I could post a picture.  Until next

22nd July 2012

Dear Diary

This is the fourth attempt at writing this, so here goes - Boo Radley has arrived - I love the "All Dressed Up Tunic" but it
is selling very quickly OMG we will need to get more, the Parisienne Skirt is also very cute, there are lots of fab tunics
and excellent "Off Duty Dresses".  The first of our summer kaftans have also arrived in the prettiest cottons, I just need to go and dress my daughter but I will be back to finish this... Okay, we're back, now lets get down to business, according
to my favourite website net a porter, the leading trend of the moment is... "Go for Baroque" now this is lots of bling and
lots of embellishment, sounds like Princess Bazaar to me, Trend No2 "Black and white" a big trend at the moment, (especially for waitstaff), trend No 3 "Tough Love" lots of leather - this of course is Melissa's favourite, Red is the
colour of the moment and animal print is still a huge favourite "It's official, it's the new wardrobe staple." We still have
a couple of python coats but all of our leopard has sold out, sad but true... now according to this week's Grazia, Sneakers
are on trend - make mine the silver Reebok's and Oh look!  pastel's are rearing their ugly head as are matching pants and
jackets - not sure about this one.  Bomber jackets are fashionable apparentley, as is loungewear - which incidently looks
like pyjamis to me.  This is great, we can go on and on - Grazia is my fashion bible!  Clever, New-Tility, has more than a
little hint of the "Safari Suit" and OMG - the Donna Summer Jump Suit is right up there, and there is more than a little
bit of lace, which we love. So, fashionista's until next time - I will try to make it not so long...

8th July 2012

Dear Diary,
It's been a while.  Winter is wrapping it's self up and we are eagerly awaiting our new season stock.  Boo Radley is due
to arrive in the very, very near future and we just cannot wait.  I do know that early next week we will receive the first of our cotton kaftans and they are just sooo pretty. 


21st June 2012

What an interesting week! New label to introduce - "Styla" my new favourite thing is the crucifix T-shirt, check out
this weeks best sellers (collections page) for a sneeky peek, also loving their cinnamon twee jumper and at just $49
what a bargain.  I must tell you - I absolutely had the worst fright of my life, I can hardly bring myself to say it but
here goes... "fluoro". W
hilst picking through 1000's of garments selecting the the absolute best for my customers,
there it was, at first I thought it was a "Safety shirt" very high vis, made especially for folk who are hard at work on 
our roads, but, I was very, very sadly mistaken - in the brightest yellow imaginable almost migraine inducing, looking me straight in the eye and sneering - hello Christmas it was 2012's version of the micro mini.  In an instant I was
transported back to 1983 in the very thick of "Frankie goes to Hollywood when you are waking up before you Go Go" Aargh! enough said - Princess Bazaar will be a Flouro No Go Zone.  Now, not all of the 80's was bad, nickerbockers
aside - if I could just find the perfect pair of floral pants... my new mission.  

14th June 2012

Dear Diary

Loads to report today - Introducing the sexy zipper dress, perfect for that cocktail party and at $129 it's instant
glamour.  We are also loving the new orange and black tunic, awesome at $89 which looks wonderful over leggins
and boots, there is also a new black layering dress at $89 and the cutest two tier vest for $59.  We are also loving
two of the cutest new short tunics one has a very subtle mocha print and the other a daring splash of red, both at
$55. And, as we sold out last week we have repeated the grey zebra print two piece set at $69, but you will need
to be quick.  Sad but true, we have also reduced the price on a number of our winter coats and a smattering of
Boo Radley.  But the real breaking news is that "Skinny is out and soft is in" according to A-list trainer James
Duigan who works with Elle Macpherson, so on that note pass the Tim Tams.

6th June 2012

Dear Diary

We've been shopping again! Tons of fab little tunics starting at $49, mesh tops with 3/4 sleeves $39 - our favourite
for the week is the magnificent little black dress with long sleeves absolutely perfect for wearing under all of our
wonderful long vests, it's a little bit dressy $89, now here's a hint lots, of animal print in both leopard and snake hssss.  For something a little bit different there is a gorgeous new day dress that is just too difficult to describe, I will do my
best to get most ofthese fab new finds up onto our website today or tomorrow.  We have lots of scarves, some great
new handbags and belts plus a new selection of costume jewellery perfect for most occassions.  We have been so busy
and here we are, now in the midst of winter we do still have a handful of coats which are not only beautiful but actually
practical as well, now that is something that I never thought that I could say in the one sentence ie: beautiful and
practical.  It's well worth a look. 

26th May 2012

Dear Diary

I am bad, we didn't put any new images up this week because everything sold out before we had a chance.  There is
only one thing to do - go shopping and bring back more fabulous things, I would just like to point out that we are
having possibly the best winter ever, nearly everything on Melissa's hot list is gone, gone, gone.  Flipping through
the round of this weeks fashion mags I am pleased to note that tartan is making a comeback. We have always been
such huge fans, I also learn that hats are in - excuse me, when did they go out?  Oh look Victoria Beckham has just
spent $500 on a hair cut for baby Harper and Kim what ever her name is has just cut her hair off blah, blah, blah.
Now for some real news we are loving all our beautiful coats now that the weather has turned freezing. Boo Radley
never dissapoint with their warm and gorgeous winter peices.  Soooo, by Wednesday we shall have all new things
and hopefully get the pictures up in time.

20th May 2012

Dear Diary

Another brilliant week, I am currently waiting for Melissa's hot list - I know that the number 1, must have will be the
suede and leather fronted leggins $59, my God she wants a pair for everyday of the week. The number 2 must have is the Boo Radley Miss Josephine Dress also $59 and only a handful left.  The number 3 must have is the House of David long tie dyed vest at $79 but they have all sold out so sorry, will see if we can get them again.  The number 4 must have is the puffy orange vest at $65 sounds weird but we love, love, love this one. The number 5 must have is the Boo Radley
"Time goes by" top cause it makes everyone look skinny and is well worth the $129. Number 6 is the red, fur trimmed
Aztec inspired poncho at $65.  The tube skirt has been this seasons best of... but, now also sold out in black but a handful
still available in grey @ $59 therefor deserves a mention at number 7, number 8 is the fabulous handbag collection from
For Twentyone starting at $59. Number 9 must have is the coffee coloured short trench @ $99 and to round out this
weeks top 10 is the Boo Radley mesh top at $39, this is the most perfect under garment in the history of fashion.  I must
also give a dishonourable mention to an image so disturbing that I have been sleepless for a week - according to this
months Madison magazine, there it was on page 36, the "red stirrup pant" disguised as leggins.  Nooooo, they are stirrup
pants and any true fashionista could only agree.  Shame people shame.

15th May 2012

Dear Diary

It was shopping again today, and OMG Melissa and I found some of the best things ever - I would love to introduce
"Spicy Sugar". In a few words, caramel cape style coat $129, suede fronted leggins $59, coffee short trench $99,
we will try to get the pics up asap.  House of David do the best longer line vests from $65, fabulous Aztec style fur trimmed cape $65 and of course lots of colourful tunics from $49.  Boo Radley have repeated their wonderful Miss Josephine dress $59, the ultimate layering piece and their mesh top is in stock again at $39, one of our customers
has described it as the "new spencer" for ladies with style, I couldn't agree more.  I love winter, our clothes are

12th May 2012

Dear Diary

What an amazing week!  All of the Boo Radley is unpacked and ready, hopefully we will have more images
available early next week, we currently have in stock mesh tops in all sizes but you will need to be quick.
Some of the new labels have been so fantastic that we have sold out of some styles already and this can only
mean one thing.  It's off shopping again for me next week, and who knows what we might find.  Now I know a
few of you will remember floral jeans, well, there baaaccck.  Not sure if they will find their way onto our
racks but I can say that I was a huge fan back in the 80's, soooo we shall just have to wait and see.  I did
find a fabulous kaftan range as well very recently - you have to love a good kaftan, so watch this space for
further details.  I nearly forgot to mention my new favourite thing - the Boo Radley "Snowed Under" mocha
woolley cardi with a ruffled front and fur trim, oh and I probably should mention the "Wonderama" coat with
tiny beading and ostrich feathers.  I love winter, now all we need is some cold weather.  Bring it on!

10th May 2012

Dear Diary

We had the most successful buying trip, picked up a gorgeous new label "House of David", really clever jersey

dresses with matching jackets and vests, perfect Winter smart casual, we also found loads of pretty scarves,

brightly coloured tunic dresses, frilly umbrellas, felt hats, beautiful knit long line cardi's and leopard jackets

that will make you growl grrr.  We are also expecting the lastest season Boo Radley to arrive this afternoon.

Cannot Wait - the anticipation is sending me delirius.



8th May 2012

Dear Diary

Off to Sydney today on a mission to bring back the best possible winter lovelies available.  With the last Boo Radley

winter drop "A Moment in Time" due in this week also, NOW is the time to shop.  As my head is full of fashion frivolity,

I am still a little cloudy on was is to be expected but... I do recall something about a beautiful coat with feathers

"Wonderana" I believe it's called and remember the afore mentioned "Off Duty Dress", I am positive that we have

a couple of styles about to make a stellar appearance.  I will write again this afternoon with more details and hopefully

some pretty pictures to.

5th May 2012

Dear Diary

Jess and I are having a quick scroll through my new favourite website discussing the good, the bad and the absolute

plain ugly of fashion.  Would like to note that Jess did get a little excited when I showed her "Uptown Gypsy" and

fully agreed that this was a good thing, so I thought that we should have a little look at trend number 9 "Flower

Show" mmmm, can't say that Jess is a fan her comments and I quote "OMG look at that shirt, who is it? Marc Jacobs,

what $549 it looks like a grandad shirt, oh yuk floral tapestry weave loafers, who'd wear those? Moving right along,

trend number 17, "All that Jazz" interesting, Jess was not a fan here either.  I would however like to point out, that

she did quite like the "clutch bag book".

3rd May 2012

Dear Diary

I have taken the plunge and have decided to start my own fashion blog - daring of me I think, so in order for me to 

bring you the absolute best fashion advise possible, this has led me to hours and hours of research.  Riveting stuff

actually.  A number of my budding fashionista's have told me how much they miss my newsletters since we have gone

all cyber ecommerce thing and well, this is as close as I can get to our very old, but greatly missed newsletter. 

So lets start with the really big question... What's In For Winter 2012?

Now as the cold weather is just starting to kick in, something bloody warm I hope.  But here is where my research

took me... Now according to Westfields there are a number of key trends but they were all so dreary I can't

be bothered talking about them so moving along, my next stop was Net a Porter - now I am the proverbial cynic but I

loved this website, it was a real feast for the eyes, most of the things were entirely unwearable but, this was fabulous

fashion not just some dredged up re-run as offered by a la Westfields.  It started with the trophy jacket, now if I

do say so myself we do have a couple of options here at Princess Bazaar so this was the first big tick.  The next thing

that I loved was the concept of the "Off Duty Dress", the snappy little day dress that's chic enough to be clever but

never overdone, true to say we did have a couple of options at Princess Bazaar but most have sold out now, sorry, but

more are on the way around about the 9th May 2012.

Anyway... I was scrolling through fashion heaven when out of the blue I was knocked sideways - now, technically

speaking I was researching Winter 12 but... I stumbled upon Summer 12.  Now if you recall, my aim is to be giving

the best and latest fashion advise so OMG one of the hottest trends for summer is "Uptown Gypsy" it doesn't get

any better in my book and their style tip "The summer collections are a romantic blend of exotic Spanish

influences and gypsy-luxe cuts.  More is more! Be so bold and mix expressive prints with ruffles and lace."

This is perfect, having said this, there are actually 25 key trends to memorise (or not), another trend of note is

trend number 20, "Go Global", Africa, India or Bali - "fashion takes us on a trip around the world as designers

look to exotic locations for inspiration.  Seek out exotic prints and colours, the bolder the better." 

This is fun, so much better than the book work that I am actually meant to be doing righ now.  Well, I am off to

graze more fashion pages, till next time... I will try and upload some image, but baby steps so they say.