April 17, 2020 2 min read

This is probably my most favourite label ever!  Sure, I fall in and out of love with fashion labels all the time, but… Desigual to me is my sure thing.  I love my job because I get to look at fashion all of the time, I get to do the buying and I get to decide what we are going to have instore and online.  My favourite collection to buy is Desigual because you never know what you are going to get. I love this label because it is a very long way from boring.  I don’t think that we want to look like everybody else with the "current" look, I think that we like to create our own styles and I think that sometimes it’s okay to mismatch items.  I have been wearing and following this label for around 8 years and I have many pieces.  Whilst the price is what it is - I think that it is awesome value and the product holds up extremely well, their shirts get better with age, Desigual jeans hold their shape and Desigual jackets and coats are the absolute bees knees when it comes to originality.  Every collection is different, I love the Desigual collaborations with Christian Lacroix, I love the Desigual collaborations with all things pop culture but best of all I love Desigual’s originality – Desigual continues to push the envelope and is never dictated to by the fashion police.  Desigual by definition means unequal and in my little world when it comes to originality and quality I would have to agree 100%.  Who doesn’t need a little Desigual in their wardrobe?