April 14, 2020 3 min read

There is no secret, for years now, we have been known as the boutique to go to for "The Best Jeans in the Hunter" as we hand pick our stock from all around the world! From our classic New London Jeans to our latest label, Lisette L from Montreal, we are constantly searching the globe for the next best fit!
These are our top picks for Winter 2020. These are the best of the best. We will be selecting our favorites based on Style and Fit. We have over 50 styles of jeans, so this is a hard one for us, however we were able to pick our top five.

Five - Betty Denim by Lisette L  

Lets face it. After a certain age, our stomachs don't ever look the same. Lisette L is our newest label from Montreal. They are Designed by Lisette Limoges, a more mature aged woman who had worked the first part of her career in fashion  sales and noticed the lack of availability of jeans that would suit women bodies after a certain age. When Lisette designed her jeans, she wanted to craft stylish jeans that would have tummy control and were easy to pull up. These Jeans don't have the traditional zip and button. Instead, These Jeans have been designed with a tummy control waistband to push in and firm your stomach. 

"We’ve lived our lives. Tummy control is a must. Our abdominal mesh panel makes sure everything stays where it should be. Tuck in that shirt and get on with your day" - Lisette Limoges    


 Four - Chelsea by New London Jeans


 These Jeans are seriously Good. How good you ask? Good enough that we now have them in 7 different colors! These jeans feature a thick stitching detail along the seams and pockets for a simple detail that POPS! These jeans are made with a “V” shape yoke, which is the most common in designer jeans as they look flattering on everyone. The “V” shape gives your bum the natural rise. See Below a color combination chart for the Chelseas! 

Three - Reversible Jeans by Onado

What makes these jeans so special? Well its in the name! These jeans are reversible! Which means you get two for the price of one! Fantastic for traveling, one pair of jeans two ways, printed one side and plain denim on the reverse side. This unique feature that we have not found anywhere else is why why these jeans have reached our top 5 list. 

Two -  Barcelona Flowers by Desigual 

Hand picked and imported from Spain, Our Desigual Jeans have always had a point of difference in them.The Barcelona Jeans are our top pick from Desigual 2020. With elegant touches of floral inspiration. With slightly faded areas, these jeans have added style provided by two floral embroideries with sequins, one at the knee, the other at the hip. Turn them up at the ankles and wear them with white trainers.

One - New London Nottingham 

Of course! The Nottingham Jeans by New London are still our Best Sellers! We can not get enough of these jeans! These Jeans have always been a top pick for Country Women and Horse Riders. They look amazing and they feel even better !


 All of these Jeans are currently available in store and online (While stock lasts) Shop Jeans to see all 50+ styles available