I Am Pylgrym - Rosita Robe

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I Am Pylgrym - Rosita Robe

Introducing the Rosita Robe – a timeless embodiment of feminine beauty and elegance. This ankle-length robe is a graceful masterpiece, exuding charm and allure in every inch.

With its breezy, flowing design adorned by layers of delicate lace, the Rosita Robe evokes a coastal-inspired dream. Its neutral and white tones capture the essence of tranquil shores and endless skies.

The perfectly dreamy silhouette of this robe moves with grace and fluidity, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. From beach or poolside lounging to luxurious home living, or layered effortlessly over shorts, dresses, or jeans, the Rosita Robe adds a touch of coastal chic to your every moment.

Elevate your style with a piece that embodies elegance and charm, allowing you to embrace your inner goddess with every wear. The Rosita Robe – where beauty, comfort, and versatility converge.

Colour: Ecru-White

Fibres: 90% Cotton 10% Nylon

90% Cotton 10% Nylon
Wash in cold water separately
Liquid detergent only
Air dry
Iron on cooler setting

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