Inoa - Samsara Short Kimono Shrug

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Inoa - Samsara Short Kimono Shrug

100% silk

Another hugely versatile piece from this beautiful collection. What we love about the short kimono shrug is that you can wear it with jeans, you can wear it over a little or long black dress, you can wear it with matching pants, it's perfect for when the weather is a bit cooler but it's also perfect when you need to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit. This short kimono shrug is draped and features two side pockets with crystal detailing and trim.

The Samsara Short Kimono Shrug is perfectly matched with the Samsara Pants and Clutch Bag.

Inoa - Samsara Pants - Princess Bazaar

Inoa - Samsara Clutch Bag - Princess Bazaar

Due to the inconsistency in the sizing of women's clothing, we examine each piece individually and resize it accordingly to Australian Sizing. Below is the original tag size and what we believe the Australian size equivalent is. 

Free Size = Au 8 - 16 (As the sleeves are fitted unfortunately even though the body of this shrug is very loose fitting, the sleeves are not.)


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