March 21, 2022 1 min read

Dolcezza is a North American based fashion labeled that has most recently been promoting their Fall 22 collection at "Who's Next Paris".  This label is new to Princess Bazaar.

The Dolcezza Fall 2022 collection is full of beautiful prints and colorful items with an extra special focus on our coats and jackets. Dolcezza is developing their technology behind winter coats. With this new Ski collection, Dolcezza is ready for a fashion revolution.

This year Dolcezza worked with 16 artists from around the globe. All with their own identity. Colors that you will see are; Fuchsia Fedora, Olive Branch, Adobe, warm red and green kiwi.
As you can expect from Dolcezza the fabrics are all from natural fibers. Which make them extra soft and cozy.

I would like to add, you don't need to be a keen skier to appreciate these pieces, I for one hate skiing but more than that, I hate the cold, these jackets are incredible. My favourite is the Quilted black jacket it looks like its straight out of a James Bond movie, you can actually see the villianess skiing down the mountain making a bold getaway or just looking fabulous as she is having lunch with her besties, taking her eldest boy to Rugby, dashing into Woolies or lazing around the house. 

They are very warm, very practical, very fashionable and you will have it for years to come and I forgot to mention their fantastic jeans, vests, long sleeve T's and scarves, but check it out we are loving this label.

Dolcezza - Princess Bazaar