May 16, 2023 2 min read

Pink has always been one of my favourite colours, I know that we cannot say that pink is a girlie colour anymore, actually, my husband loves the colour pink and he wears it with pride but for me, it reminds me of when times were simple and you put on your pretty pink party dress added some ribbons and went to visit grandma, it was special.  

I am absolutely loving this seasons Winter pink, it is both brave and bold and it would seem that we just cannot get enough.  Season favourites are the Anannasa Beza hot pink velvet and faux fur coat, the Ruby Yaya Guerlain Puffer, team them with our Ameise hot pink bling sneakers and you are absolutely making an entrance.  For those who are a little more subtle try a lovely hot pink headband by Powder or some divine little gloves (just $14.95), some gorgeous pink earrings by Zoda, add a matching little velvet clutch, pop on a dash of Perfect Pink lipstick and secret away all of your love letters in a Sara Miller tin.  

Our winter pink promises to keep you both happy and warm, what is not to love.

Haven - Mons Hooded Shirt - Blossom - 7762002 - Princess Bazaar

Anannasa - BEZA COAT VELVET - HOT PINK - ANT561VC - Princess Bazaar

Ameise - Sky Hot Pink - Princess Bazaar

Caju - Pink Rabbit Fur Coat - CZ648 - Princess Bazaar

Ruby Yaya - Guelain Puffer - Coral - Princess Bazaar

Zoda - Princess Bazaar

REB Cosmetics - Perfect Pink Lipstick - Princess Bazaar

Zoda - RJK22718 - CLUTCH - Princess Bazaar

Powder - Velvet Beaded Headband - Love Heart in Raspberry - Princess Bazaar

Amaranta - Millie Mouse - Princess Bazaar

Gloves - Princess Bazaar

Tinco - SARA MILLER SMALL RECTANGLE - SM2636 - Princess Bazaar