March 04, 2023 2 min read

Occasionally a collection comes along that is absolutely standout and I would have to say that the Boom Shankar Winter 23 Collection is just that.  The prints are bold, the styles are bold, the shapes and silhouettes are bold but they are absolutely, positively wearable.  We've just had our first winter season drop and there is more to come but what we see, we absolutely love.  It's a little bit disco but it's 100% Now.

Boom Shankar - Princess Bazaar

We also love the Boom Shankar Story...

Dui Cameron is the designer and driving force behind Boom Shankar. From humble beginnings, Boom Shankar was built on a love of colour, dressing to make you happy, and the teamwork of a whole lot of special people along the way.



Always a free spirit, Boom Shankar’s first pieces were born out of Dui’s time spent in India. In 1996, after more than two years travelling through Asia, Dui settled in Goa where she marvelled at her Indian friend’s love of community and the joy they found in the everyday. One day, while enjoying a chat with a group of girlfriends, she had a thought - that joyful and loving spirit she so admired seemed to be embodied in the colour and movement of her friends’ beautiful saris. An idea was born



Dui began sourcing second-hand wedding saris and transforming them into one-off pieces she sold at Anjuna flea markets in Goa. They were a hit! After deciding that her future would be spent between both India and Australia, Dui arrived back home. Using Indian fabrics, re-imagined and sewn on the Sunshine Coast, she set up a small stall at the famous Eumundi Markets. Boom Shankar was off and running!



Over the last two decades, Boom Shankar has evolved into a prominent Australian fashion label. Dui designs each piece in with her team in Australia, and then spends four to six months at a time in India working closely with the skilled craftspeople who create and assemble each season’s range.



Splitting her time between her home on the Sunshine Coast and farmhouse in Rajasthan, Dui feels blessed to be able to work and spend time with friends and family in both Australia and India. After more than 25 years, she enjoys long-term relationships with many of her Indian colleagues and friends, having been drawn into their lives and that of their children (including lots of fabulous weddings!).



Boom Shankar’s connection with India is a special one. Dui has created one big, beautiful family in two wonderful parts of the world.



Despite Boom Shankar’s growth, Dui’s approach remains anchored in the same principles that motivated her early success: a sense of fun and adventure, a love of colour and design, a great respect for people, and giving back to the communities that give us so much.



Everything we do at Boom Shankar is about connecting with people. Connecting through fashion, connecting through our charity initiatives and connecting with everyone we meet in this big, beautiful world of ours.