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Princess Diary

  • 25 Days till Christmas... We've got you covered!

    We are a 100% Australian owned small business and we would love to serve you...
  • It's That Time of the Year Again - Clearance Time at our Pop Up Store

    There will be bargains galore with prices starting from $10...
  • Last chance to grab the best denim jackets on the planet!

    Every once in a while something comes along that is the WOW factor.
  • 9 Forever Buys - That work now!

    beauty can now be comfortable and practical and even useful
  • Favourite things Part 3 - Black! Is there any other colour?

    Black means business, it makes you look thinner for a start... 
  • We have excellent Gifts and Accessories

    I know that it's not what we are known for but... we have lots of clever gifts, perfect for mothers day, or just perfect for everyday.
  • Favourite things Part 2 - I love Desigual

    Sure, I fall in and out of love with fashion labels all the time, but… Desigual to me is my sure thing.
  • A few of my favourite things - Part 1

    P.S. I forgot to mention, the Lexi Poncho is especially good to wear when you are sitting on your lounge sipping your favourite dessert wine, eating Tim Tams and watching Netflix.
  • Help, What am I going to wear?

    We’ve all been there, we open the wardrobe and stare blankly at all the “must haves” on the hanger and nothing seems right.  The wedding invitation...