July 26, 2023 2 min read

We order most of our summer stock well in advance, I've said it so many times, it's the best part of my job, we get to see what is coming sometimes up to 2 years before it actually gets here.  I rub that crystal ball and hope that we get it right.  I must say a big thankyou to Barbie.  The new season stock is rolling in and it's all pink.  There is a little bit of blue, purple, orange but mainly pink. There is also a lot of print and that would be florals, paisleys, and we have a lot of denim, actually, huge amounts of denim, we have just received a new label "Culture" and we are absolutely loving it - it's all pink with a dash or orange and the best denim jackets that I have seen in forever.  We are also pleased to introduce new label Place du Soleil which is known for its bold collections, original, colorful and limited edition pieces.  Onado reversible jeans summer 23 styles are outstanding we regularly send these pieces to Italy and South America, they are truly gaining an international reputation, floral one side and plain on the other.  The Miss June Paris first summer drop has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful, Hale Bob from California offers classic styles with outstanding prints, Johnny Was, well everything they do is just perfect.  Local favourites Lula Soul, Ruby YaYa and Lula Life offer the absolute best value for price and style and Cienna's silk blended pieces are absolutely gorgeous.  This summer will see colourful collections by Talisman, Isle of Mine, Eb&Ive, Haven and another French favourite Barok.  We are eagerly waiting for new label Natsha with their stunning wrap dresses and party jackets, Lola and Aqua Blu also promise to dress true fashionistas for more formal occasions.  Shanty, M Made in Italy, Caju and Dolcezza are doing lovely linens and floaty prints and I'm sure that there are more but I'm running out of space.  We will continue to do amazing Ameise bling sneakers and everyone's favourite New London Jeans.  It's eclectic, it's exciting and it's all just starting to arrive.  Watch this space.