May 13, 2021 2 min read

There is so much talk about fashion influencers, who's on insta, who tweeted what, who's wearing what,  I began to think about who would or could actually influence me.  If I had to choose an influencer for Princess Bazaar, who would I choose?

At my boutique I wouldn't say that we loved all fashion trends as such, we most definitely have our own unique aesthetic, we definitely love clothes, we love fabrics and for what it is worth, we love the way that a certain garment can make you feel, it might be the fit, it might be the pattern, it might remind you of something, a fun place perhaps or your favourite holiday and the question kept going around in my mind, who could be the person to influence me, influence my clientele, after all we have been here for nearly 20 years.

Truthfully I don't really get "influencers" are they not just people saying nice things about items that they were given for free, isn't it just "cash for comment".  I'm not really a fan of this "insta" glam phenomena, I, and my customers deserve a little more truth if you please.

Then the person came to mind, Grace Coddington, the most amazing fashion editor ever, I won't pretend to know anything about her or to understand her thinking but when I look at her editorials, the thing for me is that she transforms you to a whole new realm, the true magic of what she has created is the ultimate in fashion.  

Grace Coddington is my biggest fashion influencer because you can see the magic in the clothes, for a nanosecond of time she takes you to that place whether it's the exotic dinner in the garden, or chic cafe in Paris, you want to go, you want to be there, the art is in the fashion, captured by the photographer, engraved for eternity so that we can all hold the beauty of that one image forever.

The truth in fashion for me is about pure escapism and this is why I wanted to share my favourite fashion photographs - we don't sell the garments as photographed in Vogue, we don't sell Haute Couture, but we can always admire beautiful garments styled as artworks by my icon Grace Coddington for Vogue.