August 16, 2023 2 min read

Denim dates back to the 17th century. Created in Nîmes, France, serge de Nîmes was a cotton twill cloth made of wool and silk. It later became known simply as “denim.”  

Interestingly, Jeans were originally created as practical work wear, and their indigo colour was chosen so that it would better hide the dirt when worn by miners and labourers.  

Who could have guessed, all of these years later that denim and especially jeans have become the absolute bee's knees of fashion.  I have been known to wear my favourite jeans literally into the ground, torn and tattered, they just get better with wear. 

I'll never forget when I first spotted the New London Nottingham 8W's hanging on a rack at one of my favourite fashion agents, it was like I could hear the Chariots of Fire theme on slow motion as I sprinted across the studio floor to get my hands on them, the rest is history, to this day, the Nottinghams are my absolute favorites. 

I do love the cut of Desigual jeans, I really like the boot legs but... what jeans shall I wear today really depends upon my mood, and my boots, of course it's really about the boots. Lucky for us we have boot leg, straight leg, 3/4 length, floral reversible, skinny leg, 7/8 length, super stretch, with bling, without bling, with fancy pockets, extra embroidery, wide leg, extra long, we have so many types of jeans, it's best that you come in and try a few pairs, now don't get me started on the jackets - who doesn't love a good denim jacket.

In short, at Princess Bazaar we have awesome denim, and it really does come in all shapes and sizes, there is even the odd jumpsuit (think 1976 Abba arrival), loads of jeans, loads of jackets and the prices start at $79.95. Hope to see you soon.

Denim - Princess Bazaar