August 18, 2023 1 min read

Online shopping is hard, we get it.  We do try really hard to give you as much information as possible about each product but it's not the same as seeing it in person.  Covid really did change a lot of things and one of them was how we did actually start shopping, as boutique specialists we order our stock sometimes up to two years ahead of when it will actually arrive in store and a lot of this was done via zoom.  At first I found it difficult but... if this was the only way to get new stock, then we had to embrace it.  This started me thinking, if we can order whole new collections, then wouldn't it be wonderful to offer this service to our customers.  I do believe that this would work really well for customers living in remote areas or customers who are time poor, or even customers who just don't like shopping.  So, on that note we have decided to offer personal Zoom shopping experiences.  Before we lock in an appointment, we will try to get to know you a little bit, so we will have a phone call to discuss what you are looking at or what you are looking for, we can then schedule a time and go shopping and you can do this from any location that suits you.  So in short, if you are not sure, lets start the conversation. Hope to see you soon.