August 02, 2021 1 min read

We are sworn to secrecy - what's hot for summer you may ask?  More than likely the weather if we are watching world weather trends at the moment.  We cannot give too much away at this point but we can promise that Princess Bazaar will be the home of a most beautiful collection sourced from around the globe. Fingers crossed, we hope it all arrives - we do know that there will be some delays but by mid October we are hoping to have all items available.

We have just received our first Spring collection from Desigual, Miss June and Ruby Yaya and Johnny Was send us capsule collections monthly.  We will soon receive another collection of Cienna silk blend dresses, Eb&Ive, Isle of Mine and Haven should be arriving mid August along with Aratta, Barok and Lula Life.

Talisman, Gysette, Caju, Kaja, Samsaara, Shanty, Cordelia Street and Boom Shankar, New London Jeans, Onado, Ameise & Art n Vintage will complete our summer collection.

Hand on heart, I can promise that it is going to be an amazing Summer.