February 14, 2023 2 min read

I spend a lot of time looking at fashion collections, I actually spent all day yesterday viewing new collections for Spring/Summer 23/24 & Autumn/Winter 24.  I will spend most of this Thursday and all-day Friday & Saturday looking at fashion collections - it is the absolute favourite part of my job.  Of course, I look through fashion magazines all of the time, google images, "what is everyone wearing" I don't pay a lot of attention to influencers, but I do pay a lot of attention to my customers.  I am concerned about the oversupply of product to the fashion industry and I am also greatly concerned with sustainability.  I don't want to offer the latest trend and I don't really care about the "real housewives"; I care about my customers and how best I can suit their needs.  I came across Aratta a number of years ago, one of the fashion houses in Sydney called me as they thought that it would be perfect for Princess Bazaar, as soon as I walked into the showroom, I fell in love.  Aratta is like nothing else.  Most fashion collections have a sort of cohesiveness (except maybe Johnny Was another label that I absolutely love) but Aratta is its own divine being.  Nothing matches, I'm not concerned with what you would put back with what because Aratta is not about that.  Aratta is all uniqueness in the best possible way - I love the way Aratta mixes fabrics, lots of velvets and faux fur, embroidery with tartan, florals with stripes, chambre with paisley, almost anything goes, it just does.  Aratta is amazing with your favourite jeans, so you can wear it often, denim aside Aratta also offers beautiful evening pieces but not of the traditional kind, soft gauzy embroidered kimono's that pair back effortlessly over your favourite LBD or black palazzo pants.  A little bit of Aratta goes a long way and it will take you there for a very long time, these pieces are far from classic, but they are most certainly timeless.  Aratta is most definitely its own look, as we are now importing it directly from California ourselves, the pricing has never been better.  We have taken the time to size each individual piece but if you are unsure, please don't hesitate to phone of email us as we are on hand to assist.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this label back at Princess Bazaar.  Aratta is highly sustainable as you will have it and want to wear it forever.

Aratta - Princess Bazaar