May 27, 2019 3 min read

We’ve all been there, we open the wardrobe and stare blankly at all the “must haves” on the hanger and nothing seems right. 

The wedding invitation arrives and the dress code states: Formal.  Formal, but who’s idea of formal? Please God let it NOT be the Year 12 School formal type of formal – nobody needs to go there again, all those ringlet up do’s and OTT tizz dresses blah, or is it the full Black Tie type of Formal, in my book that equals full length evening gown and bling jewels, I don’t mind this one but it gets very expensive, lets face it $550+ for a gown that’s never going to be worn again, seriously!

Or, is it the modern take on formal which means, if you are a young lady of say less than 25 years, you can wear any dress you like, the shorter the better with as much cleavage as possible. So where does that leave the rest of us?  My experience of late tells me that the words Formal Dress on wedding invitations means please don’t wear jeans.  Even if they are your very best Gucci Genius Jeans at a minimum price of $600 – they are just not wedding attire.

Another favourite is Race Day – Derby Day is easy, black and white with any fascinator resembling a magpie (although, 2018 did start to see the emergence of the very clever but equally ridiculous flat top, large brimmed hat) and you are more than ready for Fashions on the Field.  Any other race day well, where do we start? Firstly remember, fascinators/ridiculous hats are a “must”, the more ridiculous the better, really high heels that are going to cripple you by the end of the day, are also a “must”, a tiny clutch purse that fits nothing more than your favourite fire engine red lippy, credit card and tiny mobile phone is a “must”  and then a dress that makes you look super slim, highlights your newly coiffed hair and shows off your spray tan to your best advantage is also a “must”.  After much research scrolling through official Race Day Fashion websites, Vogue etc… I can honestly tell you that there is absolutely no trend here, (I did actually revisit fashions on the field from the 2018 Melbourne Cup and still no luck) therefor I have absolutely no frocking idea as to what to wear for Race Day but here is my best tip, make sure its long enough to not flash your nickers in the event of a tumble due to your ridiculously high, high heels and one too many chardies.

Now let’s not forget the 20 Year (or in my case, 30 year) High School Reunion.  Nothing gets you ready for this, now remember, or at least in my case, the last time you saw most of these people was 1983 and it was all very, very big hair, very big shoulders pads and lots of plastic jewellery.  We’re all now in our mid to late forties, (don’t do the math) most of us have had kids (dare I say it, but some now have grandkids) and OMG – Seriously, What am I going to wear?   A super hold in, squash all girdle for a start. Seriously, this is a toughy. Oh the anguish, My best advice is to pick something that makes you feel good.  Here are a few pointers, don’t go looking like a slapper, so nothing too short or revealing, animal print is okay in moderation, (leopard and snake very in at the moment), heels are good except when you are dancing around your handbag and don’t dance with your arms over your head, that’s never been a good look (it is inevitable though I fear).  Now I did find a number of web sites that offered some basic (boring) advice but… for mine, find a boutique (Princess Bazaar) that offers a wide range of looks and has sales staff ready to assist and I mean really assist and that is suggest, fetch, style, wait on you, make you feel good and make sure that you achieve that all important WOW factor.  After all, it is your high school reunion for Gods sake. 

Just remember “I have far too many clothes, handbags and shoes” said no women ever and if we always had something to wear there would be no need to go shopping, can you image?  So stay tuned for more riveting fashion advise where we will begin to tackle fashions biggest questions like “smart casual” the who, what, why, when and how.