July 21, 2020 1 min read

Not everything has to be "look at me" admittedly a lot of what we do at Princess Bazaar is about the colour and print but occasionally, very occasionally we will throw in a "neutral" piece just to keep the balance.  Jeans, jeans can be neutral especially if you turn our Onado reversible jeans inside out, or out side in, viola, print on oneside and plain on the other, perfectly neutral.  Desigual, believe it or not do the odd neutral piece or at least they will produce some of their fabulous designs in more earthy tones, some of our favourites this season are the Khaki mini skirt - fair call, it does have a bit of bling, it does have side zippers that turn this mini into a little flaired mini, it does have gold sequinnes but it is Desigual, we don't have a lot left in their fabulous vegan leather jacket, it is lined beautifully and has the most amazing design (with a few studs) on the back, it is unusually neutral, for Desigual anyway. The Carrie Dress by Let Me Be is in neutral colours, sort of, it's beautifully muted and neutral in a highly stylised way and the cream midriff jumper by Daisy Say is as neutral as it gets.  Pick some coffee coloured gloves, a clutch in earthy tones boots to match and you have the perfect but highly styled "Neutral" outfit.