April 30, 2020 1 min read

These days Princess Bazaar is filled with colour, Desigual leading the way with all of their very clever, sometimes crazy paisley prints, Miss June ethnic inspired fabrics, Cienna silk floral paisley shirts, Aratta bespoke laces and trims, Talisman, Ruby Yaya, Lula Life all full of colour, lots of bright beautiful colours and prints but... nothing really compares to black.  Black means business, it makes you look thinner for a start - (that is always a good thing in my book) and it goes with pretty much everything.  Amazing with animal prints, equally amazing with paisleys and florals, stripes, polka dots (not sure that I'm a fan of polka dots, but they do look very good with black) but best of all - black doesn't mean that you have to try that hard to look good, head to toe black just screams - I've got it together, I am totally cool and totally chic.  So, next time you have nothing to wear - just make it black.  We do still have a lot of black items, they are just hidden in amongst all of the colour!