May 01, 2020 1 min read

It goes without saying, every wardrobe needs at least one pair of black pants - we are currently spoilt for choice with everything from skinny leg to boot leg to Palazzo style, leather front, suit cut, leggins... the list goes on and on.  Not all styles will suit all people however, this seasons Brave & True Cleo pants are just about perfect for every size.  They are a slim fit which means they are perfect to wear under long line tunics, jumpers and shirt dresses.  Boots are perfect to wear with this style, ankle boots are great if you are not so tall.  The Brave & True Cleo pants are not only sooo comfortable to wear, they are similar to a leggin but they have true shape and will make your butt look good.  The best part, they are $79.95 and I promise you that you will wear them all winter and probably Spring and then get them out again at the start of Autumn next year, see, so wearable and they go with just about everything. Please remember ladies, leggins are not pants - the Brave & True Cleo pants look like leggins but they are pants, true pants and you should get a pair because they are great!