May 09, 2020 3 min read

Actually, it was meant to be 5 Forever Buys but... what can I say, there were too many fabulous things so I had to make it 9, I probably could have made it 29 but, lucky for you, I was able to narrow it down. 

I want to start with the cowboy boots, most importantly, they look good and as an added bonus they are actually comfortable, this never happens so you should buy a pair.  Second on my list are blue denim jeans, we have around 53 styles at the moment but really lucky for you, one pair is sufficient, I'm loving the fancy emroidered styles but we do have a selection of plain jeans (they are seriously comfortable - especially is you buy the right size, so come and try some on).

3rd on my list is the little black over the body bag, I love this because when you are out with your girlfriends and you have had one too many and you want to dance you dont have to put in on the floor and dance around it, it just hangs across your body - absolutely perfect for daggy dancing. 

4th on my list in the overnight bag - it's huge, you can fits lots in, just make sure that you can still lift it, it will also fit in the overhead luggage compartment of a plane, so once again looks great and is practical, you should buy one. 

5th on my list is the Desigual denim jacket, they have woollen sleeves which allows for easy movement, once again very comfortable, very, very stylish and it's the last year that they are doing them, so miss out this year and they are gone, I dont have to say it, but... you should buy one. 

6th on my list is the Cienna floral shirt, can be worn buttoned up, worn open as a light jacket, tied in the front if you are younger than 27, but in all seriousness they are silk rayon and they are just beautiful. 

7th on my list is the black pant, these pants are by Brave & True, once again look great and are comfortable, they are like a leggin but much much better around your butt and being a little bit thicker they are warmer and more forgiving, you need to buy a pair. 8th on my list is the black poncho - once again by Brave & True, it's just awesome and hides all manner of sins so too much lunch is no longer a problem, add this to your list.

9th on my list is actually any dress by Miss June just because your friends will be very, very jealous at how fantastic you look and these dresses are designed to turn heads - you most definitely should have at least once  and I've just noticed that there is a 10th item - sunglasses, fantastic for when you have a hangover or forgot to take your make-up off or heaven forbid, you forgot to put your make up on, so, you've got it, you should buy a pair - these are $29.95 and seriously, look great and have so many uses. 

You can tell that I am getting a little older, this list is starting to worry me, we have a lot of comfort here and I was always led to believe that beauty is pain, it probably is when you are 23 but, at Princess Bazaar just because we know better, beauty can now be comfortable and practical and even useful.  I really hope to see you soon.  Lots of hugs Lisa xx