May 17, 2020 2 min read

We all have one, your favourite shirt.  It's the go to, the one that always makes you feel good.  Actually, I am a glutton for a good shirt - I always try to find a shirt that goes with your favourite jeans, or a good pair of black tailored pants, that you can wear under a blazer and mix back with a good black knee length skirt.  See, a good shirt can really take you places.  Even better if its a complete button down and you can wear it open in summer with a little cami (or your best bra, depending on how daring you are).  A good shirt will take you all year round, okay maybe not in February when it's 45 degrees but... perhaps for the other 11 months of the year.  My absolute favourites are my Desigual shirts, they just get better with age and I am not makeing this up - the fabrics wash really well, they iron really well, sorry, yes, you must iron a good shirt, that's what keeps it looking so good, Ruby Yaya have been doing some great shirts and I would have to say that the Cienna 100% silk rayon shirts have been absolutely outstanding, the patterns and colours are to die for - there are so many ways to wear a good shirt, what I mean is that they just go back with sooo many things. As Im sitting here, ideas are just leaping from my mind.  A good shirt with black 3/4 slim leg pants is perfect, add a ballet flat for casual or a bedazzles mule for something a bit more glam, if you are 19, a good shirt tied in the front with a pair of Daisy Dukes can be fabulous, some caution with this look I must warn.  Depending on the season, a good shirt over white jeans or white linen pants can make you the Queen of smart casual just don't order the spaghetti bolognese for lunch.  My all time favourite for the good shirt is just that, fabulous shirt, great denim jeans and a pair of boots, cowboy boots for casual or Manolo Blahniks for glam, throw on a poncho or a fur (faux of course) and you are ready for anything.