February 16, 2021 2 min read

Not only are they comfortable, extra stretchy, highly fashionable, very "look at me aren't I fabulous in my very sexy jeans" kind of way, but best of all, they are double sided.  That is, fabulous, colourful print on one side and plain on the other.  Yes, absolutely correct, you can wear them inside out.  I can think of at least 5 reasons why you need at least one pair.

Obviously, they are perfect for traveling - this is reason number 1, so, when we are allowed to go on holidays again, they will take up less space than two pairs of jeans so you can take extra shoes, just saying.

Reason number 2, less washing, we all love less work so big tick here.

The third reason is rather boring but important none the less.  They are very comfortable, they stretch so you can have as much lunch as you want and dessert, you can also have a lot of dessert and wine if you like because these jeans stretch with you so you won't need to undo the button.

The fourth reason to own at least one pair of Onado reversible jeans is that they look hot.  Summer or winter they look amazing especially on the printed side, teamed with a simple top / jumper / cami / shirt (pretty much anything) these jeans are the hero in this ensemble and can also be dressed up (note: add some heels), smart casual (think cool sandals for summer, ankle booties for winter) or very casual add some bling sneakers (check out our Ameise range, perfect for this look).


And of course the fifth and most important reason to own at least one pair of these jeans is because you will look better than your friends.

So, we hope to see you soon because you really need at least one pair of Onado Reversible Jeans in your wardrobe.

Please note: these jeans do come with a caution, they are highly addictive and luckily, new designs are available often.

Click link to view Onado reversible jeans range  https://princessbazaar.com.au/collections/onado