January 05, 2021 1 min read

There are at least 10 reasons that spring to mind that make the Cienna label an absolute star. 

1. Their eye catching prints - I am a bit of a floral / paisley / random print fan so it really works for me. 

2. The way these pieces feel on your body, as these garments are a silk blend or cotton, they feel absolutely beautiful to wear. 

3. The price - the price is awesome, it's very affordable with cross over dresses starting at $69.95.

4. These pieces look a lot like another very upmarket Boho label but at a fraction of the price.

5. The shirts are the best and very adaptable, they look great with jeans, shorts, palazzo pants, 3/4 pants, 7/8 pants, worn open over a cami like a jacket, tied in the front or just simply buttoned down and at $139.95 - grab a couple.

6. Cienna do great bags.

7. Your friends will be envious!

8. Cienna do awesome coats and jackets in winter

9. You will stand out when you wear pieces from Cienna, it's not mass produced and as new ranges are available regularly with new prints, you will not see yourself everywhere.

10. If you love the Boho look, you will love this label.