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Ghost & Lola - Lush Necklace


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Ghost & Lola - Lush Necklace

Vintage Rare 1950’s West German Carved Cameo
Rampant Heraldic Lion
Golden Frame
Vintage French Jet Heart Crystals
Vintage Bowdoin Chain


These Heraldic Lion Intaglios are so rare I was Very Excited to Discover these. They are Known as Lion Rampart which Means that the Lion is Standing Erect with Forearm’s Raised. Traditionally Used in Heraldry Since the 12th Century, the Lion Signifies Courage, Royalty , Nobility and Strength.

Mounted in a Wonderful Rose Vintage Frame, Surrounded by Vintage French Jet Hearts and Hung on a Rare Vintage Bowdoin Chain.

A truly exceptional and rare piece, this Necklace will inspire you to connect with your inner Lion Goddess.


  • Rare West German 1950’s Heraldic Lion Cameo
  • Rose Frame
  • Vintage French Jet Hearts
  • Vintage Bowdoin Chain
  • Hand Made in Australia
  • Gift Boxed


  • Chain Length 51cm
  • Pendant Length 6cm

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