What Coco Chanel Can Teach You About Fashion - Caroline Young

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What Coco Chanel Can Teach You About Fashion - Caroline Young

Discover the life, work and legacy of Coco Chanel in bite-sized, highly visual lessons concentrating on her artistic spirit, influences and attitude. Chanel's ethos captured the imagination of post-war women, releasing them from the corseted silhouette and changing what we wore forever. But it was her unique perspective that secured her a place in sartorial legend. What Coco Chanel Can Teach You About Fashion breaks down her life and work into 36 key lessons, covering:

• 'The Looks' (combine the masculine and feminine, poverty can be luxury)
• 'The Inspiration' (read the history books, look to your location)
• 'The Details' (there's simplicity in embellishment, faux jewellery can be stylish)

You will learn how she channeled her experiences to create styles that spoke to generations; how she broke societal rules through her use of fabrics; how she was influenced by the muses and artists around her; and more. With inspirational photographs from the past 100 years, this is a must-have for fashion lovers and students. The Icons with Attitude series explores the lessons we can learn from inspiring creatives. Small and beautifully formed, if you like fashion What Alexander McQueen Can Teach You About Fashion is also available.

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